So Let Me Get This Straight…

August 27, 2021

by Robert Altomare

So let me get this straight, the current illegitimate government that dictates masks while walking alone and ‘vaccines’ with side effects ranging from slow death to quick death requires businesses to enforce them? 

Can this honestly be the regime’s strategy? Are you kidding me? Will these Communists never learn?

Here’s what I really want to know: Where are the creative Communists? Must everything they demand be coercive and at the point of a gun?  Their utter lack of any creativity in their planning is staggering.  I mean, geeze.  Have they no sophistication in their plans at all?

 In their latest scheme to gain total control of the planet, they have unleashed a genetically engineered virus (the science people call it “Gain of Function”) forcing untold misery and economic destruction to the planet.

And, as we now see, it appears this was merely one step in a larger process.  Now they want to control the movement and actions of every individual on the planet by forcing employers and businesses that are open to the public to enforce their psychopathy for them. Businesses are now issuing edicts to their employees that they must have received the injection in order to keep their job. 

History, both recent and not-so-recent, tells us that these fools (i.e. Communists) have two fatal flaws:

 The first flaw in the thinking of the best minds that Communism has to offer is their utter non-comprehension of an individual’s desire to act in his own self-interest. The poor Communist can’t conceive of the individual and only can think in terms of quantifiable interest groups. Further, in the Communist’s child-brain, he believes that everyone else is just as good an automaton as he is. He believes that Authority will take care of him and champion his pet cause and that ‘when we get rid of these ‘wrong-thinkers’ the World will be perfect’ (This from the people who claim to know what the proper temperature of an entire planet should be). 

Little does this child-brain suspect that the monster they create will never be satisfied and will eventually turn on him.  Question:  Was Dr. Frankenstein a communist? All indications point to yes…

The Communists’ second flaw is that they can’t get their child-minds around the fact that businesses are an extension of the individual; they are the commercial expression of the individual who started the business. Business is capitalism’s art.  (Don’t mention that to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, of course).

 But this is utter nonsense to the communist man-child.  Instead, he thinks businesses are status quo agencies that have always existed like the moon and the sun whose only purpose is to provide him a crappy barista job and the ability to buy violence-free “Beyond Meat” hamburgers made from free range ferns and dandelions.

But the good news is embedded in the bad news!  Communists are stupid, all of them and without exception. Advantage Liberty.

I mean, really: have you ever spoken to an avowed Communist and then thought, “you know, this guy makes a damn good point…”


 Unfortunately, Communism is a disease of the mind and, let me tell you, the mind is radically averse to calling itself sick.  We are all justification machines.  Just ask Pol Pot or James, “A Higher Loyalty,” Comey. Because of this, there is no convincing the Che-Guevara-adoring, hipster communist of his wrong-headedness.  It will not be until the monster finally turns to devour him that perhaps he may see and truly understand the evil he has wrought.

So what is a Liberty-minded citizenry to do when faced with the dangerous stupidity of children in power?  Freedom will always find a way.  And our fight today is no exception.

In quite short order, in just one day, I received notification that there now exists at least TWO new job boards where employers, who DO NOT require a suicide pact with their employees, may post job openings within their companies. 

 In a country where so many businesses can’t fill positions because of a litany of stupid government policies, I predict that these companies will be absolutely inundated with a veritable tsunami of applications (Thanks Global Warming!) for those positions. 

Why? Because there are, by any count, more of us than there are of them.  Just make sure you don’t ask Dominion/The Chinese to do the tally!

Interspersed among all the bad news are indications that the citizenry is getting its second wind in the fight, we are well down the road of the “long train of abuses” and need no further evidence of the Evil we face. We are now taking the fight to the enemy and we WILL prevail. Our victory has never been in doubt.

Robert Altomare
Founder of the BreathEasy App Launching Soon!
Patriots Fighting Tyranny Through Community