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Is Hillsborough Quarantine Purely Political Optics?

Tampa Bay has been daily subjected to the doomsday proclamations of bodies in the streets from Queen Castor and Kimmie Commie Overman. Oh the children! The children! We must save the children! Fear has gripped many parents, while other parents have been outraged that their choice has been ripped away by dictates from the county overlords.

Much has been made of the massive numbers of students who have to be quarantined to protect them from certain death. They absolutely CANNOT come to school. Such congregating would be fatal. But wait, the quarantined students CAN congregate at the new Daytime Clubhouse.

That’s right. Just like the magic of restaurant tables, the city clubhouse apparently makes one immune! Gather at school? Nope. That’s deadly and irresponsible.

More to the point mass quarantine from school provides great optics for pandemic-peddling grandstanders. They have to make Florida the Epicenter of Doom so that Desantis can be smeared in the media. CNN was quick to cover the quarantines. Do you think they’ll cover the magical, Daytime Clubhouse? Don’t hold your breath. The one thing that has been consistent during this crisis has been hypocrisy, and there is no shortage of that in Blue Tampa or Blue Media.

Screenshot 20210827 101415