We Will Not Comply

We will not comply! We’re being shown the way by veterans. But before I get into that, lets do a little review since the beginning of the government shutdown. First, we’re being told the economy is going to collapse because of the shutdown. But if this is true then we are not living in a republic any longer. The government has killed a proposal to fund veteran services & national parks. If they’re really concerned with veterans (which they’re not) lets make sure the VA gets paid. They also put up a blockade to shutdown the WWII memorial. It’s all a show! This is crazy. This is nothing but a show. So we’re shutting down the Veterans Affairs, but not the EPA or the Dept. of Homeland Security etc….It’s just manipulative maneuvering. So we can’t have our veterans attending the WWII memorial? Guess again. You can’t stop them because some WWII veterans are breaking through the barriers because they will not comply. It’s time to break down the barriers and take back what  belongs to us. Demand the end of Obama Care, Federal Overreach. We will not comply.