Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! I am a recovering liberal and my dad is union father baby boomer and the 1st time he came to one of my presentations three  years ago, he walked out within minutes and told me later; “I couldn’t take any more of that crap!” But now he’s listening to the show and following me on Facebook and recently commented; “I’m so tired of this B.S.. All the politicians need to go. They’re all liars and thieves!” So if my union father baby boomer can think this way then there’s many others who are thinking this way too! Generations are waking up to understand what kind of government we really, really have. Now we will soon learn who is with us and who is not and you will be surprised at knowing who is with you and who is not. Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots are not the Democrats or Progressives. They are the ones sitting next to you at a rally and campaign for conservatives but will start saying that they don’t have time any longer. I’m a federal employee and I’ve lost my job and will start to say that ease of life is more important than liberty. But I say; “Give me liberty or give me death!”