The NSA Hits Just Keep Coming

France and Mexico are now expressing their displeasure with the NSA voyeuristic activities. Good thing that King Barry is the great unifier. What a joke! If you remember Michelle Bachman chastised Justin Amash when he wanted to defund the NSA from spying on United States citizens because in her opinion we only rent, or lease our email and phones we don’t own them..well wonder what she might say now. As far as the debt deal, the good news is that Ted Cruz has not let up and for that I’m thankful. But Jeb Bush is chastising Ted Cruz, imploring him to show a bit of restraint. Are you kidding me? Restraint! If you haven’t looked restraint has not done a thing for us! We got tired of Jeb Bush here in Florida. I mean another Bush on the national stage (or President) is something we need like a root canal!