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Maddening On To Our Own Destruction

NSA spying is hurting the economy Congress says. So instead of ending the spying, they are going to reform it. But Congressional reform is WORSE. This reform will sanction and legalize spying and do NOTHING to comply with the Constitution. Lets Get Educated before we allow Congress to destroy the Constitution…AGAIN!

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The NSA Hits Just Keep Coming

France and Mexico are now expressing their displeasure with the NSA voyeuristic activities. Good thing that King Barry is the great unifier. What a joke! If you remember Michelle Bachman chastised Justin Amash when he wanted to defund the NSA from spying on United States citizens because in her opinion we only rent, or lease our email and phones we don’t own them..well wonder what she might say now. As far as the debt deal, the good news is that Ted Cruz has not let up and for that I’m thankful. But Jeb Bush is chastising Ted Cruz, imploring him to show a bit of restraint. Are you kidding me? Restraint! If you haven’t looked restraint has not done a thing for us! We got tired of Jeb Bush here in Florida. I mean another Bush on the national stage (or President) is something we need like a root canal!

Traitors and Terrorists

Roll call on the Amash amendment to defund the NSA supporting the collection of our meta data, personal information and attack on the 4th Amendment. Now we have a list of traitors who are willing to put security over liberty and who believe that liberty has less value than national security. During a monthly live stream called “Conversations with Conservatives” the Amash amendment came up. During this call Michele Bachman stated that she was going to be voiting against the Amash amendment because the only beneficiaries of the amendment will be Islamic Jihdists. I’m not joking here. Does she thing that the 4th amendment only protects the Islamic Jihadists and that we don’t need the same protections. Amash stood his ground admirably declaring that this protection was our right. Apparently Ms. Bachman doesn’t agree and if you want to know what she said, then click the play button now.

Defending Liberty with Eternal Vigilance

Sometimes you might feel like taking a breath. Sometimes you might feel like you need a break but when it comes to the defense of liberty and especially given a tyrannical government that has an insatiable thirst  for power and control we must be forever vigilant. We must be very careful to let our guard down. All you have to do is look around! Look around and you’ll see that we are surrounded not just by scandals such as IRS profiling, or Fast and Furious, or Benghazi as these are not scandals but they are criminal acts! And where is Congress? What have they done? Nothing and as nothing  gets done and more of these criminal acts just get swept under the carpet or give way to the next scandal the ones that will ultimately pay the price with their liberty will be you and me and all freedom loving, liberty loving patriots: This is why defending liberty required eternal vigilance.

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Our Government is Broken

The provision for a Constitutional Convention exists in the Constitution, but let me ask you a question; Do you we have the same motivation today as it relates to liberty that our founders had? Who would we send to a Constitutional Convention?  Certainly we  put the Constitution at serious risk if we send the same breed of politicians, or individuals to any Constitutional Convention that are running the country. But, do we really need a Constitutional Convention? We don’t need a gun rights amendment, we already have the 2nd amendment. There is nothing wrong with the Constitution, it’s the system that is broken and the people who are in charge of the system have yet to discover that their real job is to protect and defend liberty!

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Hey NSA! Listen Up and Learn Something About Liberty

Since the NSA and the national security state is listening to everything I say in this podcast, to everything I write in my emails, then I want you to encourage you to take a moment to really listen and learn what makes this country great. Teaching others about the liberty that has made this country great is what I teach and since you’re listening make it a point to pay attention and learn something.

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Warrantless NSA Searches and Secret Courts

When you think about the NSA warrant-less searches is just like an iceberg. There’s always more below the surface then what you see above the surface. For example did you know that the court that issued the warrant to Verizon was not even a court at all? And did you know that we have courts in this country that are not bound by the Constitution and that have been established for the sole purpose of circumventing the Constitution. Of course you’ve heard of it. It’s called the FISA court. Otherwise known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and it’s a secret court. Is that American? Is that Constitutional?

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