It's About Liberty Don't Be a Hypocrite

Liberty is probably the most challenging thing in the universe. It exposes the intolerant and the hypocrite. Liberty has no limits except that it “does not hurt or control the Right of another: And this is the only Check it ought to suffer, and the only Bounds it ought to know.” Silence Dogood #8

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Oregon County Defies Federal Gun Laws

The People of Coos County Oregon have spoken. They have passed an ordinance that says their Sheriff will enforce no unconstitutional laws in their county. The People are absolutely correct but are getting some strange opposition from…the Heritage Foundation! Let’s ask the framers of our Constitution who is correct, the People or Heritage.

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Electing Wolves

The supreme power is undoubtedly in the people, and it is a principle well established. The fact that we have delegated power to the federal government does not in any way amount to a surrender of our Rights. So why do we act so helpless? Why do we put all our hope in the political elite?

Alternatively you can listen to “Electing Wolves” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

Is This a President or A King?

Our framers gave us a standard for presidents. Do we have a president or a king? Do we want a president or a king? Let’s use this standard to determine who we have and who we want to have occupying the office of the President.

Airing My Grievances

I am not happy and today you will hear why. When politicians refuse to listen to the people, it is our RIGHT to air our grievances. And if their staff won’t speak to me personally…then I will speak to them publicly. Isn’t it about time we start getting a little bit upset?

Alternatively you can listen to “Airing my Grievances” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

Debate Questions We Should Be Asking

As the RNC & GOP battle out the debate issue. Can we get some REAL questions and REAL relevant debate. What do you think about THESE questions…