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Daily Journal: Primary Election Advice & Free Speech Cont.

Ever wonder who to vote for when you haven’t had time to pay attention all year long or perhaps a new candidate is running for office? What about those judges? Let us help you!

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Supreme Court, Redskins, & Offensive Speech

The government has decided it will decide if the government can decide matters of offensive speech.

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IRS ABA Congress & Destruction of Free Speech

The government will NEVER come out and repeal the 1st Amendment. They will never even suggest we modify or amend it. What they will do is declare that we are not “defining” it properly and they will happily provide us with that definition. MAKE NO MISTAKE that is what is happening now…

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Courts Taking Rights & Speech Police

Today we have some very important lesson on Liberty based on the speeches of two popular people in media.  How we speak matters.  Can we apply truth in the face of our favorite personalities?

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The Law That Makes Speech Illegal

Fox News Headline: “Suppressing Free Speech? President Signs Anti-protest Bill.” Let’s look at this and see what is really going on.

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DC Court Rules Against 1st Amendment

Yes, I said Ruled. Until the people refuse to obey these unlawful opinions, they are actually rulings. The courts are killing our Rights by a thousand cuts, and we obey.

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Defending Trevor Noah

The 1st Amendment is there to protect unpopular and offensive speech. To be a Liberty First defender we MUST defend Trevor Noah and his speech, no matter how idiotic it may be. Defense of his right to say it, doesn’t mean I have to approve and doesn’t mean I have to watch him. He has liberty to speak and I have liberty to change the channel.

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Speak Up, Speak Out

Governments are attacking the 1st Amendment, will YOU defend it? Time to stand with those who are fighting for our rights. Speak now or forever hold your speech.

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Classify Yourself

I still believe that we live in the greatest country on the planet and that we can regain the liberty we started off with. There are many liberty loving people willing to do what is necessary to defend liberty. But you know, you’re going to be challenged when you take a stand and if you believe in liberty for all and not just those who believe as you do than you must realize that liberty does not just belong to you. If you are a defender of liberty than you defend it for all people, regardless if they agree with you or not. This doesn’t  mean that you can’t be offended. Being offended is your right, but you cannot silence those who may be the source of your offense. Understand that when you silent someones speech you give the government permission to silence you as well when someone finds your speech offensive. Classify yourself. Are you a defender of liberty for all? There’s more.