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You Have No Rights Here

Listen as a federal agent says to an American Citizen, “I am sick of hearing about your rights, you have no rights here.”  Learn why he is told he is correct.  Learn what we need to do to prove him wrong.  Your right to property is essential to all other rights.

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FEMA Natural Disasters and the Constitution

Today KrisAnne talks about the role of the federal government in natural disasters and an important message about the 4th Amendment all in the wake of hurricane Irma.

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Ryan Budget Proving Its Not Obama's Fault

The question is never what a politician says, but always what they do. How they vote. These are the indicators that will tell you how well they do understand the Constitution. Such as Jeff Sessions and Paul Ryan.

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Reference article, “Exceptions to the 4th Amendment

FBI Seeks Unlimited Search Power

Using National Security as an excuse the FBI now claims it should have unlimited search and seizure powers over all personal property. Listen in and see just how this will work.

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Do We Possess Rights or Have Privileges?

Are our Rights inherently ours or do we possess them at the permission of government. How we answer important questions about local government will tell us the answer to this very important question.

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Maddening On To Our Own Destruction

NSA spying is hurting the economy Congress says. So instead of ending the spying, they are going to reform it. But Congressional reform is WORSE. This reform will sanction and legalize spying and do NOTHING to comply with the Constitution. Lets Get Educated before we allow Congress to destroy the Constitution…AGAIN!

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US Army Spying On Citizens

The Department of the Army is teaming up with the Department of Homeland Security and your local law enforcement to spy on citizen groups who protest the government and they have been doing so since 2006! PROOF is in a lawsuit filed against a Department of the Army employee who ADMITTED to spying on these anti-war protesters who never committed any crimes, just protesting America’s involvement in the war in Iraq. This is George Orwell on CRACK. This is TYRANNY!

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Because I Say So!

We have to be cognizant of the Tyranny around us in order to have a true understanding of Liberty. We will never become aware of tyranny unless we begin to question the assumed authority of the government. Today’s show may just challenge you. But, these are the times that try men’s souls…and these are the times to defend Liberty. If you do not question authority, how will you know if that authority is illegitimate? And if the truth is on your side, don’t just roll over like a slave! Take a stand. You cannot defend it if you cannot define it. Time to put Liberty First!

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Indoctrination Destroys Liberty

I took a bit of heat from yesterdays broadcast about the critical comments I made regarding the round table discussion between some TV talking heads about the 4th Amendment. Let me be clear my critique was not a personal attack. I don’t think they’re bad people. I don’t think that they had malicious intentions. In fact they’re probably supportive of liberty. All I was trying to say was that they were not properly informed and that given their position of prominence they have an obligation to be properly informed. The 4th Amendment does not make exceptions but they’re exposing millions of Americans to inaccurate information because they’ve been indoctrinated. They’ve grown up and have been taught these types of exceptions as the norm. They don’t know any different. They don’t even know what they don’t know. There’s more.

Exceptions to the 4th Amendment?

There are some very informed people, “kind-of” on TV. The problem is that many people give a lot of credence to what they hear on TV and will take it for gospel, when it is not accurate at all. For example during a recent Glenn Beck show a discussion took place about the 4th Amendment and illegal search and seizures. You’re going to hear an audio clip from from this segment and then you’ll hear me comment about how they’re improperly informing people about the 4th Amendment. You’ll notice the ease by which they talk about exceptions to the 4th Amendment. The problem is that many will take this as gospel just because they saw it on TV. I mean can we get a real Constitutional expert to help keep the talking heads from broadcasting incorrect information? I’m just saying. There’s more.