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Bad Republicans vs Good Democrats

It’s not a secret about what Allen West thinks about me and it seems as if the word has gotten around. Recently a few folks who supported Allen West financially asked me a question. They asked; “KrisAnne what is the one question that I can ask of Allen West?” This got me thinking and if you want to ask Allen West the one question, I’ll tell you in the broadcast. But actually this leads me to the larger question that I want to address in today’s broadcast. A question that I think is really important. The question is; “Which is better? A bad Republican or a good Democrat.” Interesting to ponder but before it can be answered we have to know what Republicans really stand for. Listen in.

Be Part of the Solution

Are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem. Are you standing in defense of liberty or are you passively waiting for someone else to do the job. Have you made the defense of liberty come first? Well, I can tell you that there are a couple of politician’s I’d like to call out who are PART OF THE PROBLEM.

One if Maro Rubio. Marco Rubio is an enemy of the Constitution. Not a defender of the Constitution and his promotion of immigration reform has exposed his true colors. His speech on the floor of the house was just a bunch of tripe and Rubio we don’t want to hear anymore of your personal stories about coming to this country. It’s just smoke and mirrors meant to hide your true motivation about open borders.

The other politician I’d like to call out (and have called out in the past) is Allen West.  Allen West is not a friend of liberty and his voting record screams it out for anyone to hear who just might  be listening and has voted against the Constitution at almost every opportunity. He also brags about being the author of indefinite detention act sections 1021 and 1022 and he denies it’s intention and refuses to even sit down with me to discuss it!

So you want to be part of the solution. Forget about party affiliation. Forget about what they, watch what they do and if they are not defenders of liberty then they are part of the problem and as a voter and a citizen you can be part of the solution.