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Defending Liberty with Eternal Vigilance

Sometimes you might feel like taking a breath. Sometimes you might feel like you need a break but when it comes to the defense of liberty and especially given a tyrannical government that has an insatiable thirst  for power and control we must be forever vigilant. We must be very careful to let our guard down. All you have to do is look around! Look around and you’ll see that we are surrounded not just by scandals such as IRS profiling, or Fast and Furious, or Benghazi as these are not scandals but they are criminal acts! And where is Congress? What have they done? Nothing and as nothing  gets done and more of these criminal acts just get swept under the carpet or give way to the next scandal the ones that will ultimately pay the price with their liberty will be you and me and all freedom loving, liberty loving patriots: This is why defending liberty required eternal vigilance.

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