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Boehner You Make Me Sick!

The truth starts with the fact that our politicians aren’t straight shooters. What can I say about the recent house vote that keeps the government running but delays Obama Care. I mean with cowards like Boehner this is as good as it gets. Issa says Obama Care isn’t ready. No Darrell, Obama Care needs to be destroyed. It’s a colossal failure today, tomorrow and generations to come when our children have to pay for the consequences of our actions. We can’t delay it we must stick a fork in it! And the house republicans who are supposed to be our conservative heroes keep repeating this delay junk! Where are our conservatives? Healthcare is not a power that was delegated to the Federal Government. The Federal government is pathetic and why are we funding them when they don’t spend our money properly. They are embezzlers. They take your money with your consent to spend on certain things and then spend it on other things without your consent. Boehner turns my stomach and Issa and Cantor ya’all make me sick! They are domestic enemies. We have a Republican majority that holds the purse strings and if we don’t stop it now it will never happen. I mean what’s the difference between between Boehner, Cantor and a Democrat. I’m not seeing it! These are wishy-washy girly-men!