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The Commerce Clause

The Commerce Clause is improperly understood by Congress and the executive branch and I’m going to show you in today’s who how the federal government is going to try to use the Commerce Clause to disarm you and to disarm me. First we’ll do a bit of housekeeping and a review of the past few days events, but to give you a bit of a teaser consider this. You’re a police office and you have an uncle whom you want to buy a gift for. So, you decide that you’re going to get him a gun and because you’re an officer of the law you can get one at a discount. Well, you would think that this private transaction is one that the government has not interest in, but the ATF doesn’t think so. They think that the Commerce Clause gives them the right oversee the transaction and the Supreme Court is getting ready to address this issue. So it’s important for you to  know all about the Commerce Clause.