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Ryan Budget Proving Its Not Obama's Fault

The question is never what a politician says, but always what they do. How they vote. These are the indicators that will tell you how well they do understand the Constitution. Such as Jeff Sessions and Paul Ryan.

Alternatively you can listen to “Ryan Budget Proving Its Not Obama’s Fault” on YouTube

Reference article, “Exceptions to the 4th Amendment

More Big Government From Conservative Congress

More spending, $80 billion more spending over the next 2 years. A budget that no one had time to read or understand, pushed through by the old Republican Speaker of the House and voted for by the New Speaker of the House. So much for the proper definition of conservative. They aren’t even moral any more.

Alternatively you can listen this edition of the KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube

Budget Ignorance Budget Lies

Another budget crisis. The real crisis is the ignorance in Congress that allows this to happen. Let me show you, so you can show your Representative, just HOW the budget is supposed to work & WHY the Congress must stop the spending NOW!

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Congress is Powerless

Congress is powerless. McConnell is crying for a King. The people run around feeling victimized by their own government. So how do we change this? STOP BEING A VICTIM!
Alternatively you can listen to “Congress is Powerless” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

While Baltimore Burns

While riots continue in Baltimore, Congress is spending and hiding that spending, Congress is creating more regulations and bureaucracy, and people are begging for more government control. While Baltimore Burns, Liberty dies.

Another Letter From Congress

ICE is about to release an illegal alien into our communities that has been diagnosed with “drug resistant tuberculosis. How does congress respond? Not with threats of impeachment but a letter asking policy questions. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

Alternatively you can listen to “Another Letter from Congress” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

President, Congress, and Proper Placement of Power

The office of president was to be limited and defined. The Congress was supposed to be a check OVER the president. Lets look how and perhaps why that has changed over the years. What do we have today?

Alternatively you can listen to this edition of the KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube

Common Core and Cavemen

Our government engineered educations system has created the exact society of people they wanted…people ignorant of their power and ability to control government; a people that just accept with docility the will and the control of government. Its time to change all of that.

Alternatively you can listen to “Common Core and Cavemen” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

A Congressman and the Constitution

Attention Congressman Gosar! You took an oath about protecting the Constitution. Remember? Amazing short video that reveals what Congress really thinks about the Constitution.

He doesn’t get off the hook however without being informed in no uncertain terms why  Liberty must be supported.