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Trump Talks Immigration – Supreme Court Judge Talks Guns

President Trump gives a press conference about immigration, birth right citizenship. A former supreme court justice from Arkansas writes a disturbing argument about gun control. Listen as we address immigration & judicial ignorance about guns from a Constitutional perspective.

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Alternatively you can listen to Trump Talks Immigration – Supreme Court Judge Talks Guns by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

Guns Collusion & The Supreme Court:

Today we show you the huge Supreme Court decision against our rights last week; the REAL Russian collusion that has taken over DC not the ballot box; and the new gun arguments that are not happening because the real collusion is the media and the progressive destruction of America.

Alternatively you can listen to “Guns Collusion & The Supreme Court” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

Show References

American Spectator Article referenced in the show: https://spectator.org/nellie-ohr-woman-in-the-middle/

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Breaking the False Gun Control Paradigm

KrisAnne and JC dispute the false paradigm offered by pundits and politicians regarding gun control.  If you listen to one show this week.  This must be the show.  If you share just one show this week, this must be the show.  With this truth we can change the way America sees this important issue.

Daily Wire Article referenced in the show: https://www.dailywire.com/node/27165

Alternatively you can listen to “Breaking the False Gun Control Paradigm” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

The Key to Government Control not Gun Control

Take back the narrative and solve real problems.  Real problems won’t be solved by gun control.  The real problems in America will only be solved by government control.

Alternatively you can listen to this edition of “The KrisAnne Hall Show” on YouTube

Lesson On Gun Control

As all the pundits and politicians are all too ready to disarm us, it is even more important for us to know the TRUTH about our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Learn Liberty or Lose It.

Lesson on Gun Control by Constitutional Educator KrisAnne Hall can also be heard on YouTube

I Want To Debate LA Times On Gun Control

The LA Times Editorial Board published an article about the 2nd Amendment and the government’s “responsibility” to regulate guns. I’m sure they won’t debate me, so here is my argument to counter their ignorance.