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Veterans Showing the Way

While in Redding California yesterday giving my workshop we were getting updates about what the WWII veterans were doing with the barricades. I loved seeing them taking the barricades and taking them to the White House. Speaking of veterans, John McCain is calling on Joe Biden to fix the problem, but  to be honest I think that John McCain needs to go away. I know some of you are going to not like me calling him out because he’s a war veteran, but consider this. How many of you who served in the military served with someone who was so stupid who you wouldn’t let walk your dog. So there is no justification to worship anyone just because they happened at  one time to wear a  uniform. All I’m saying is that isn’t it about time we start judging people based on what they do, not what they did, or what they say!

McCain, a Democrat by any Other Name

The morning started off with a belly laugh. Recently Vladimir Putin penned an op-ed and truth be known it was very much a commentary on King Barry more than anything else. Well this morning as I was preparing for today’s show I came across a headline of an op-ed written by John McCain in response to Putin’s op-ed and without even reading it started to laugh. I mean here we have a Republican (well he at least calls himself that) penning a letter for publication in the Russian press in response to Putin’s letter (calling out Obama) which appeared in the NY Times. Do you see the irony here? I did and that was why I couldn’t stop laughing. In today’s broadcast we’re going to review Mr. McCain’s letter. Maybe you’ll get a chuckle too.