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Traitors and Terrorists

Roll call on the Amash amendment to defund the NSA supporting the collection of our meta data, personal information and attack on the 4th Amendment. Now we have a list of traitors who are willing to put security over liberty and who believe that liberty has less value than national security. During a monthly live stream called “Conversations with Conservatives” the Amash amendment came up. During this call Michele Bachman stated that she was going to be voiting against the Amash amendment because the only beneficiaries of the amendment will be Islamic Jihdists. I’m not joking here. Does she thing that the 4th amendment only protects the Islamic Jihadists and that we don’t need the same protections. Amash stood his ground admirably declaring that this protection was our right. Apparently Ms. Bachman doesn’t agree and if you want to know what she said, then click the play button now.