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This Is Why I Teach, This Is Why I Fight!

I have been traveling the country for the last two years, teaching people the true history of the founding of our nation. I do this because I believe two things: one, that God has placed a call on my life and two, those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

Recently, I was able to spend two days with a room full of high school-aged, homeschooled students. It was amazing. The first day, we went through a practical exercise to teach both the difference between a democracy and a republic and the value of liberty as paramount to security. The second day I taught them the Roots of Liberty Seminar that I normally give to adults.

I was particularly nervous about the second day. How would I relate this history and these complex principles to people who have had few real life experiences with the economy, adult society, and political concerns or responsibility? I would be the one who would get a lesson that day.

I have been teaching for over two years the understanding the liberty is an inherent possession of man. I truly know that Liberty is a gift from God. But I more fully realized this as I spent two days with these young people. Because Liberty is inherent, teaching young people the value of Liberty was not as difficult as I had anticipated. I saw the evidence of that awakening in their spirits as I shed light in their minds on this great gift from God. The first day they were able toexperience that Liberty means something and to determine that they would no longer be so flippant with its care. They really learned and understood what most of the people in government will never know and understand; Liberty can never be traded for security, not ever. Many went home after the first night and were enthusiastically telling their fathers all about the day’s lessons. They were excited about what they had learned. They were excited that learning about history and government was so much fun. They were excited to know that they were going back to hear more the next day. I was as amazed as the parents were.

But the second day, through the lamp of history and the oracle of truth, they were able to understand why Liberty is worth so much. These young people were captivated by their history. For 5 hours, a room full of 30 or more high school students listened intently to the history and the foundation of their nation. They learned about the battles against tyranny by those who were beginning, like them, to understand that Liberty is their possession; it was provided to them by God, bought by their forefathers with a price. They also understood, by the end of the day, that it is their responsibility to maintain this possession and not allow tyrants to bully them into giving it away. They really got it. They really understood what 99% of our politicians don’t. They now know that our nation was built with a purpose; the purpose to secure the blessings of Liberty for our posterity, for ages and millions yet unborn.

By the end of the day, my soul was so uplifted by their enthusiasm and patriotism; I could have stormed the doors of tyranny all by myself with a dull butter knife. But then it hit me. I paused long enough to look into their eager eyes, and it threw me to my knees. I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness for what we have done to them, what we have given away on their behalf. I stopped my teaching and told them that I had to apologize. I suddenly realized the mess that we left behind for them. I was weeping in front of a room full of teenagers now, and I could not stop myself. I looked into their eyes and realized, through our ignorance and our negligence we have condemned them to purchase back a gift that was given to us; a gift that we were supposed to secure for them, not require them to secure for themselves. I got angry for a minute, but that anger made me even more resolved. I told them,

“Don’t you dare use our negligence as an excuse. You go out and fight for what is rightfully yours. If the government tells you that you cannot speak, does that make you mute? If the government tells you that you cannot assemble, does that imprison you? If the government tells you that you cannot freely worship God, does that silence your soul?” To each question, with wide eyes, they responded “no.” I told them, “Then do not be silenced, do not be imprisoned, and let your soul cry out. Because I promise you, from this day forward, I will do everything I am both humanly and supernaturally able to do to take back ground for you. I will do everything I can to make sure that you have the Liberty that was purchased for you, that belongs to you, that you are entitled to have as a glorious gift from God. I promise!”

I took an oath when I joined the military to support and defend the Constitution. I took an oath when I was sworn in as an attorney in the state of Florida to support and defend the Constitution. I took the same oath when I was sworn in as an Assistant State Attorney for Florida. I know that these oaths NEVER expire. That day, with those future leaders of America, I took another oath, one that will never expire, one that I will fight to keep to my very dying breath. This is why I do what I do. This is why my family and I travel all over the country. This is why I teach. For Liberty. For America. For our children.