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KrisAnne Hall on Fox TV with Don Arias

In this fast moving 20 minute interview KrisAnne Hall dispells a number of commom myths people have about the history of liberty, about Obamacare, why our founders went to war against the king, the TEA party and about the various ways our government is and continues to step outside the boundaries of their Constitutional box.

How You Know Who They Really Are

Yesterday I spoke about Trey Goudy, the Representative from South Carolina and how it appears as if he and other Republicans are choosing to let Obama Care crash and burn rather than working to defund it, even though they could do so if they wanted. If this is their plan it’s disgusting and that will be played out at the cost of American prosperity and lives. The post that I published on Facebook about this has been shared thousand of times and I am stunned at the defense of Trey Goudy with people declaring that he is a good guy and how the Republicans are going to come in and save us. I don’t care what he does during a campaign, I want to know what he says when he’s put to the test and challenged. This is how you will know who they are.

This episode is also available on YouTube

Republicans to the Rescue?

There’s a big asteroid coming our way called Obama Care and when it hits I guarantee you it will not be pretty and the Republicans have the power to take it out but they wont. Trey Gowdy, a Republican representative from South Carolina has given hint to the Republican strategy. Seems they’re choosing to let it crash and burn and then come to the rescue. They have the power to defund Obama Care under Article 1 Section 7, but they would rather be able to say I told you so. What about the people who will lose their homes and jobs. This is strategy that is morally bankrupt and if this is what they really are doing it is not OK with me. Is it with you. Listen in as it gets worse.

Simple Obama Care Solution

Before I share with you the simple solution to Obama Care I want to share some inspiration and give you an assignment. The assignment is to use the word of the day at least three times. What’s the word? Hubris and according to Wikipedia here’s what it means.

“Extreme pride or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence, accomplishments or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power.”

I like this word because how accurately it describes King Barry and the Obama administration. Now what is the simple answer to Obama Care? Before I tell you first let me encourage anyone who is reading this who might go on television in support of liberty to not go on TV and complain about Obama Care without being able to offer a solution. Otherwise you’re just externalizing. So what’s the answer? Healthcare is not a power granted to the federal government. It has to be done on the state level!  Let each state do what it wants to do and if you don’t like your states plan, then move!

Boehner You Make Me Sick!

The truth starts with the fact that our politicians aren’t straight shooters. What can I say about the recent house vote that keeps the government running but delays Obama Care. I mean with cowards like Boehner this is as good as it gets. Issa says Obama Care isn’t ready. No Darrell, Obama Care needs to be destroyed. It’s a colossal failure today, tomorrow and generations to come when our children have to pay for the consequences of our actions. We can’t delay it we must stick a fork in it! And the house republicans who are supposed to be our conservative heroes keep repeating this delay junk! Where are our conservatives? Healthcare is not a power that was delegated to the Federal Government. The Federal government is pathetic and why are we funding them when they don’t spend our money properly. They are embezzlers. They take your money with your consent to spend on certain things and then spend it on other things without your consent. Boehner turns my stomach and Issa and Cantor ya’all make me sick! They are domestic enemies. We have a Republican majority that holds the purse strings and if we don’t stop it now it will never happen. I mean what’s the difference between between Boehner, Cantor and a Democrat. I’m not seeing it! These are wishy-washy girly-men!

Warriors for the Constitution

What we are seeing this week will be talked about for generations to come. The best part of the last 36 hours (during the filibuster), is that we know who is with us and who is not. Last night Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee became our courageous constitutional warriors. The establishment doesn’t know what to do with Ted Cruz quite yet and the best advice is for them to get out of the way. These are times that try mens souls. The Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots are those who call themselves conservative constitutionals and when the time comes to stand for liberty and for what needs to be stood for they shrink from their duty unwilling to fight and do what’s right. Can you hear me John McCain? Can you hear me Senator Cornyn from Texas and if you can hear me than hear this: You are an unfatherly, immoral, selfish, malicious parent willing to condemn your children to slavery. Time to call out these people and hold them accountable. Keep listening. I’m just getting started.

Interview with a Secularists

Broadcasting today from Vermont and as a Florida girl, might I say that it’s a bit chilly. Anyway, I received a call from a reporter who wanted to do an interview. To start with she said that she wanted to warn me that my message may not be as well received in Vermont because Vermont is a secular state and actually welcomes the involvement of the Federal government. She then asked if I felt this would affect my mission? My response is that I don’t give opinions, I speak the truth, hence my message remains unchanged regardless of the audience. The interview went on for over an hour and was more like a debate. She then asked about the Health Care Act, aka Obama Care. Well, needless to say this was my teaching moment.

Dear King Tell us What We Did

If there is any question in your mind at all if we still have a republic, or not, then consider this. Imagine you’re the legislature and you’ve been instructed to pass a certain law and as a good legislator you pass the law but then after the law passes, you then go back to your high and mighty king to ask what is was you just did. Sound absurd? You’re right. It is absurd but what makes it even more absurd this is exactly what happened recently. You might be able to guess what I’m referring to and you’d probably be right. If you want to find out if your suspicion is correct  give this edition of Liberty First with KrisAnne Hall a listen.

Obamacare: Who Runs Your Life?

Thomas Paine wrote on December 23, 1776, “Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth.” Our founders stood against taxes and government mandated purchases. The colonists demanded that the British Government recognize that their Constitutions did not authorize this type of government control. As a result, the British Government repealed several laws, to include the Stamp Act. This might be a happy ending except the government was not willing to let go of this power; they were simply appeasing the people. The government did recognize the Constitution did not authorize their exercise of power, so they remedied that “oversight” by passing a law called the Declaratory Act.

The Declaratory Act was a legislative act that declared the government “has, and of right ought to have, full power and authority to make laws and statutes of sufficient force and validity to bind the colonies and people of America, subjects of the crown of Great Britain, in all cases whatsoever.” In addition to expanding the powers of the government, this act stated that all “resolutions, votes, orders, and proceedings, in any of the said colonies or plantations” that even questioned the government’s authority are “declared to be, utterly null and void to all intents and purposes whatsoever.” The government now only needed to prove that the each law was “fit for the good of the empire” to justify its mandates. Thomas Paine and his fellow countrymen recognized that when the government declares for itself unlimited power, there is no limit on the intrusion into and control over the lives of the citizenry.

In the NEW DECLARATORY ACT, Obamacare, the government has declared that they have a “compelling governmental interest” in every aspect of our daily lives, literally a power to “bind us in all cases whatsoever.” The original argument against Obamacare was that if the government can force us to purchase healthcare, they can force us to purchase anything. This objection remains true. The mandate of one purchase establishes the precedent of future mandates. To argue otherwise is a denial of the very principles upon which our government has come to operate. Unwelcomed intrusion into our lives and the lack of control over our own decisions will only increase as Obamacare and its underlying philosophy fundamentally transforms the landscape of liberty.

CVS, a major retail chain, recently told its employees that because of the new Obamacare costs, they must now “reveal their height, weight, body fat percentage and other personal information for health insurance purposes.” CVS feels it must “incentivize healthy living” to justify providing healthcare to that employee. Make no mistake, this is the very thought process our government will adopt to justify its intrusion into your life. The Supreme Court has determined the only criteria needed to justify the government regulating any aspect of your life is proof of a “compelling governmental interest,” which does not sound much different than the British standard of “fit for the good of the empire.” Now that the Supreme Court has declared the mandate to purchase healthcare is a compelling governmental interest, the government will have a compelling governmental interest in promoting “healthy living.” Within that compelling governmental interest will be the government’s right to determine how “healthy living” is defined and what the recipients of its healthcare must do to ensure compliance with the government’s standards of “healthy living.” These standards are already being pushed forward.

Just last year, the White House, through its “healthy living” incentives, endorsed by Michelle Obama, pressured Mc Donalds into redesigning its children’s Happy Meals, forcing them to provide fruit in addition to fries, whether the parents wanted them or not.

A compelling governmental interest currently justifies the government in enforcing Food Safety Modernization Act that gives the authority to regulate roadside produce markets and opens the door for the government to regulate your home garden. The FDA is currently employing SWAT teams to raid small farms and markets to seize raw milk and cheese because THEY have determined them to be contrary to “healthy living” and therefore have “a public health duty” to confiscate them. (Is this the “army” Thomas Paine was referring to?)

Let us not forget NY Mayor Bloomberg’s attack on “sugary drinks” and cigarettes, citing “healthy living” and even death prevention as the motivation to control people in their consumption of these items.

Recently the Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report that parents who feed their children solid food before the age of 4 months are jeopardizing their child’s health. In a clear declaration that the government knows more about a child than its mother, the CDC condemns ignorant and penny-pinching parents for feeding their children solid food before the government has determined them to be old enough to eat it. How long before the government starts mandating baby feeding regimens, authorizing doctors to interrogate parents and requiring them to report parents who dare to feed their child contrary to government regulations?

Acceptance of Obamacare at the State level sends a clear message to Washington DC that our States will allow the federal government to “bind us in all cases whatsoever.” Thomas Paine called that Slavery…we call it a compelling governmental interest. Will we accept servitude in exchange for free stuff? Or will we defend Liberty and refuse to comply with these unlawful and unconstitutional mandates? The answer to these questions will determine what kind of country future generations will inherit.

Obamacare-We Have No Choice? A Letter to Your Representative

Has your representative responded to your concerns over Obamacare with the suggestion that there is no choice but to submit to this federal Act because the Supreme Court or the Supremacy Clause requires it? If so, he has just indicated his Constitutional ignorance. DO NOT ACCEPT this as the final word on this matter. DEMAND your representative engage in a rational dialogue with you.

MAKE NO MISTAKE; Obamacare is NOT about healthcare, it is about accepting an unlimited federal government and the destruction of the Constitution. Require your representative to make a choice.

Holding our elected employees accountable means engaging in a proper dialogue and requiring reasoned and intelligent responses. Don’t quit after the first letter. Keep pushing them into accountability and then follow that accountability with consequences.

Here is my suggested response to this ignorance that will sell our children into slavery. IF your representative refuses to respond, send it again and again. IF your representative still refuses to respond, he has admitted to the undeniable conclusions in this letter and CANNOT BE REELECTED; even if that means the opponent wins. How can I say this? “Because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” ~Winston Churchill.

Dear Representative,

I have received your response to my concerns over the PPACA. You have stated that you believe we are bound by this federal Act because the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution requires it and the Supreme Court of the United States, in their ruling, demands it. Your understanding of this Act deeply concerns me. As a constituent who is responsible for the position you hold, I expect you to maintain a dialogue with me on this issue and will not accept your explanation as the final word in this matter.

When the PPACA was first passed, there was an immediate alarm heard across the nation. The primary concern that fueled the multiple law suits against this Act, of whom you were a supporter, was that if the federal government can force the States and its people to purchase healthcare, what can’t they force us to purchase? Have we forgotten that valid argument? Has the Supreme Court’s ruling somehow altered that conclusion? Surely the Supremacy Clause existed when we felt this alarm. What has changed? Nothing. The Supreme Court did nothing in their ruling to eliminate the inescapable reality that the federal government now has no limitation in binding its citizens to purchase mandated objects. The Supremacy Clause still requires the Constitution to be the supreme law of the land, over all other laws and treaties.

Does the Supremacy Clause create a situation where federal law is supreme over the Constitution? If it did, it would create a paradox. How could it be that a federal government, defined and limited by the Constitution, could pass a law that is supreme to the Constitution? What would then be the limitations of the federal government? Do we believe that the Commerce or General Welfare clauses can create an unlimited government that can bind us in all cases whatsoever? The FATHER of the Constitution says that CANNOT be.

Neither the Commerce Clause nor the General Welfare Clause can authorize the federal government to bind the States without limit; and neither can the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches. If we acquiesce to an interpretation of the Constitution that establishes NO LIMITS to the federal government, what in the world is the point of the Constitution? Why do we even have a Republican government? The FATHER of the Constitution warns us:

“…for the federal government to enlarge its powers by forced construction of the –Constitution- which defines them…so as to destroy the meaning and effect of the –limitations-…the obvious tendency and inevitable result…would be, to transform the present republican system of the United States into an absolute, or, at best, a mixed monarchy.” –James Madison

I am sure that you agree that we did not establish a monarchy in this nation. Logic dictates that James Madison is correct in stating that a government that is not limited is one that is a monarchy. If the federal limitations established by the Constitution be expanded by decree of the federal government itself then there is no limit to its reach. A mandate to purchase healthcare is a mandate to purchase anything the government chooses.

The question remains can the Supreme Court transform our federal government into an unlimited government? The Supreme Court is, after all, a PART of the federal government. How can the federal government have the authority to determine its own limitations?

If the decision of the judiciary be raised above the authority of the –States-dangerous powers, not delegated, may not only be usurped and executed by the other departments, but that the judicial department, also, may exercise or sanction dangerous powers beyond the grant of the Constitution…” James Madison

If we are to have a Constitutionally limited government it is incumbent upon our elected representatives to maintain those limitations. We CANNOT allow the federal government to define its own powers and limitations, else we allow the federal government to transform itself into a monarchy. I am sure you will agree that no man is perfect and all governments are capable of making error in judgment. That is precisely why the framers of this nation created a government with MULTIPLE checks and balances. YOU are a part of that system; YOU are one of those checks. We are requiring you to do your job and maintain a limited federal government so that the people can maintain their Liberty.

Honor your oath to support and defend the Constitution, NOT the federal government. You must know, as Alexander Hamilton declared, No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the Constitution, can be valid. To deny this, would be to affirm, that men acting by virtue of powers, may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

Honor your oath to support and defend the Constitution, NOT the federal government. You must stand against a federal government that can mandate purchases and therefore bind it’s the people of this nation in all things they choose. Listen to the warning of Thomas Paine:

Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but ‘to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER’ and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God.”

Let me reiterate…We MUST maintain a dialogue in this matter. I cannot accept your recent communication as a final word. I am therefore expecting a reasonable response to the concerns stated in this letter. If I do not receive a response, I will have no other choice to then understand that you do not accept these facts to be true. I will then be forced to believe:

1. You support an unlimited federal government;

2. You feel no obligation to fulfill your role as a check against unlimited federal power;

3. You agree that the federal government can bind the people of this nation in any circumstance they feel fit;

4. You support the forced slavery of the citizens of this state.

If that is the case, you have failed as our elected employee. As a rational person I am sure you can agree that we cannot maintain an employee who refuses to communicate with a supervisor and supports behavior that will destroy the company. As reasonable owners of this Constitutional Republic, who wholly respect and sovereignly reverence the price paid for this company, we cannot allow that to happen.

I will be waiting for your prompt and reasonable reply.