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Warriors for the Constitution

What we are seeing this week will be talked about for generations to come. The best part of the last 36 hours (during the filibuster), is that we know who is with us and who is not. Last night Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee became our courageous constitutional warriors. The establishment doesn’t know what to do with Ted Cruz quite yet and the best advice is for them to get out of the way. These are times that try mens souls. The Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots are those who call themselves conservative constitutionals and when the time comes to stand for liberty and for what needs to be stood for they shrink from their duty unwilling to fight and do what’s right. Can you hear me John McCain? Can you hear me Senator Cornyn from Texas and if you can hear me than hear this: You are an unfatherly, immoral, selfish, malicious parent willing to condemn your children to slavery. Time to call out these people and hold them accountable. Keep listening. I’m just getting started.

Stand with Ted Cruz

This broadcast is taking place as Ted Cruz is 16 hours into his filibuster on the Senate floor. God bless him. Too bad that his own party is throwing him under the bus and I hope that this is a wake up call for real constitutional conservatives.  I hope that they will see what has happened to the Republican party and I hope that it’s also a wake up call for Rand Paul. Note to Rand Paul: The Republican party is not your friend. In fact John McCain (a Democrat by any other name) actually said he’d vote for Hillary instead of Rand Paul. Also Rand Paul if you’re listening withdraw your support and your endorsement from Mitch McConnell. In case you’re wondering what the real Constitutional value of a filibuster is and how it differs from cloture and more than give it a listen.