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Conviction Of The Republican Party

war-on-republican-partyEvidence beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt that the Republican Party is LOST and delivering America to our enemies…foreign AND domestic:

Republican Policy: Arm our enemies? YES! Amnesty to Criminals? YES! Unlimited Power to POTUS? YES! Defend the Constitution? NO!

Republican Party approves unconstitutional, immoral, and illegal activity with their SILENCE: http://rt.com/usa/state-department-egypt-psaki-determination-181/

Republican Party AGREES with John McCain by NOT condemning his support of the Republican Party over Democrat Hillary Clinton!

Republican Party APPROVES of Chris Christie’s stand on thought police by continuing to give him endorsement and credibility.

134 House Republicans voted AGAINST requiring the federal government to comply with the Constitution. Republican Party approves unconstitutional, immoral, and illegal activity with their SILENCE

Republican Party CONSENTS to POTUS theft of power AND destruction of our Constitution by NOT condemning Congressional inaction!

Republican Party gives its APPROVAL to de-criminalizing criminals and MOCKERY of our laws and Constitution with its continuing support for McCain, Rubio, Graham, and Flake and Amnesty in the name of vote buying. (click on any of the items below to read a corresponding article).

The Republican party APPROVES AND ENCOURAGES all of the actions as they are not only NOT condemned but PERPETRATED by REPUBLICANS!

This is NOT the end of the evidence, it is only the beginning. If this evidence does not CONVICT the Republican Party in your mind of aiding and abetting the enemies and the destruction of the Constitution, then nothing will!

I am declaring WAR on REPUBLICAN party principles. ARE YOU WITH ME?!?