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Roots of Liberty Part 1

Reconnect with your sense of independence. If you don’t reconnect with your independence and help others do the same than you just might find yourself being randomly searched as you walk down the street as recently happened in Chicago. Or you might find yourself spending a night in jail like a university of Virginia student did. She went to the grocery store to buy some items for a sorority event and as she was leaving, unidentified men jumped on her car brandishing guns, breaking windows and in her terror she called 911. She pulled out of the parking lot and then stopped when police showed up. She thought she was being helped but she was  not being attacked by thugs, she was being attacked by ATF agents in plain clothes with no identifying marks of any kind. We must reconnect with our independence. and if we don’t reconnect on a fundamental level than we’ll never be grounded enough to restore a 1776 level of independence and you could be the next person put in jail for going to the grocery store. Independence was not designed or born in 1776. It was actually given birth in 1100. So listen in and reconnect.

Forewarned & Disarmed

James Madison said;

“A standing military force with an overgrown executive will not long be safe companions to liberty”

George Washington warned against foreign entanglements but have we listened? No we haven’t listened. We have not cared to listen and now you’ll hear people say  how it is so much of a different world, possibly leading you to believe that a standing military force is a result of advanced intellectual thinking. We’re just smarter now and we know better. Really?

In 1641 they identified the same mechanisms tyrants have used for centuries.

Here is the malignant and pernicious design, a pattern of behavior used by tyrants to completely destroy liberty as identified by people in 1641.

  • Corrupt the court system.
  • Infiltration of foreign law.
  • Diminishing property rights of the people.
  • Government taking control of the church to enforce laws and collect taxes.
  • Manipulation of the monetary system.
  • Government disarming the people while the government remained armed.

Are we smarter now then they were in 1641. Well if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. Guess what? It’s a duck! They knew in 1641 this was the popular mechanism of tyrants. Are we smarter now?

Criminals vs Contitutionalists

In Lakeland, Florida an officer of the law, pulls over a young woman for a broken taillight. In the process discovers her license had been suspended (which is not a criminal offense in Florida).  The officer has her empty her pockets and twice tells her to pull of her shirts, pull her undergarments away from her body and has her shake her body to see if she is in possession of drugs. Then at the end of the ordeal tells the young lady, “I’m done scaring you and now you can go home!” What happened to his officer  you ask? Unbelieveably he was suspended for 4 days and now he’s  back on the job. Now compare this with Sheriff Finch who refused to charge someone for carrying a concealed a firearm without a permit because he believed it was not constitutional. He stood up for the Constitution in the exercise of his duty and he was arrested by Governor Rick Scott. Now compare that to the Lakeland, Florida the officer who for all intent and purposes sexually assaulted a woman who gets suspended for four days without pay. Are you kidding me?

Liberty First with KrisAnne Hall | Unselfish Defense of Liberty

I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you’re a politician, a bricklayer, a hairdresser, or what! If you are aware of the fact that our liberties are under attack by a tyrannical Federal government and if you are aware that the NSA, the NDAA, the TSA, Eric Holder and the rest would like nothing more than to control every minute of your day and couldn’t give a popcorn fart about our liberties and you choose to be passive, then you are selfish! you don’t care that you’re leaving your children with a 17 trillion debt as long as you have your cell phone, video games, etc and you are leaving your children vulnerable to serving this tyrannical government as a future slave. Do you want that? You certainly wouldn’t stand by passively and watch someone hurt your child, but you can stand by passively and watch a federal government that every day takes more and more of your liberties. There is no difference! Be unselfish and stand for liberty! Protect your children from becoming a future slave because they can’t on their own.

Defending Liberty with Eternal Vigilance

Sometimes you might feel like taking a breath. Sometimes you might feel like you need a break but when it comes to the defense of liberty and especially given a tyrannical government that has an insatiable thirst  for power and control we must be forever vigilant. We must be very careful to let our guard down. All you have to do is look around! Look around and you’ll see that we are surrounded not just by scandals such as IRS profiling, or Fast and Furious, or Benghazi as these are not scandals but they are criminal acts! And where is Congress? What have they done? Nothing and as nothing  gets done and more of these criminal acts just get swept under the carpet or give way to the next scandal the ones that will ultimately pay the price with their liberty will be you and me and all freedom loving, liberty loving patriots: This is why defending liberty required eternal vigilance.

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Collectivists Insanity

In my opinion (and I have no problem saying this), our glorious leader, King Barry (aka Barack Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Sotero) hates liberty and hates Christians who love liberty even more so!  In a speech King Barry made in Northern Ireland at a recent G8 summit he attacked religious freedom when he said;

“If towns remain divided, if Catholics have their schools and buildings and protestants have theirs if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentments are allowed to harden that too encourage division and discourages cooperation”.

This collectivist mentality is insane. Why wouldn’t he talk about Islamic schools, but in a speech in Northern Ireland he has to single out Catholics and Protestants. Liberty in the eyes of King Barry is an impediment to collectivism which is his rel religion and I think this is absolutely crazy.

Liberty Defenders vs. Pretenders

Who are the real defenders of Liberty? It’s not Allen West, it’s not Michele Bachmann and it’s not Congress. Recently our government gave a number of Saudi’s a free pass to come to our country on Visas and the decision as to if these people might be a terror threat was delegated to the Saudi government. Thank you very much Janet Napolitano and thank you Congress for being silently guilty, not saying anything and letting the government get away with this insanity. This is just one example of how those who are supposed to be the defenders of liberty are only shallow pretenders.

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Shame on Justice Scalia

Any application that makes the Federal Government supreme over the states is an error in judgement and makes the Federal Government supreme over their creator. In this edition of the KrisAnne Hall show breaks down a serious misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Federalist Papers by Supreme Court Justice Scalia that in effect says that the states are submissive to the Federal Government in matters pertaining to elections.

Our Government is Broken

The provision for a Constitutional Convention exists in the Constitution, but let me ask you a question; Do you we have the same motivation today as it relates to liberty that our founders had? Who would we send to a Constitutional Convention?  Certainly we  put the Constitution at serious risk if we send the same breed of politicians, or individuals to any Constitutional Convention that are running the country. But, do we really need a Constitutional Convention? We don’t need a gun rights amendment, we already have the 2nd amendment. There is nothing wrong with the Constitution, it’s the system that is broken and the people who are in charge of the system have yet to discover that their real job is to protect and defend liberty!

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Support Liberty at all Hazards

John Adams said that “Liberty must be supported at all hazards.” Not healthcare, not national security and not your social security. This is the truth, because without liberty none of these other things could ever be made possible. Apparently this level of truth is too much for some people. Apparently, the truth is sometimes too much for some people who are predisposed to believe that healthcare, social security and the rest come before liberty and the truth is that we Liberty must come first and be supported at all hazards!

Alternatively you can listen to “Support Liberty at all Hazards” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube