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Stand for Sheriff Finch or Else

Sheriff Finch was arrested by (fake conservative) Governor Rick Scott for standing up for the Constitution and I am here to tell you today that we all need to stand with and stand up for Sheriff Finch. Because if we do not stand up for Sheriff Finch how can we expect any other Sheriff to stand for us? To stand for liberty? Sheriff Finch is a patriot and as a fellow patriot we all must stand with and for each other.

Hey NSA! Listen Up and Learn Something About Liberty

Since the NSA and the national security state is listening to everything I say in this podcast, to everything I write in my emails, then I want you to encourage you to take a moment to really listen and learn what makes this country great. Teaching others about the liberty that has made this country great is what I teach and since you’re listening make it a point to pay attention and learn something.

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Warrantless NSA Searches and Secret Courts

When you think about the NSA warrant-less searches is just like an iceberg. There’s always more below the surface then what you see above the surface. For example did you know that the court that issued the warrant to Verizon was not even a court at all? And did you know that we have courts in this country that are not bound by the Constitution and that have been established for the sole purpose of circumventing the Constitution. Of course you’ve heard of it. It’s called the FISA court. Otherwise known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and it’s a secret court. Is that American? Is that Constitutional?

Alternatively you can listen to “Warrantless NSA Searches and Secret Courts” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

KrisAnne Hall Stands Up For Sherrif Nick Finch

This week Liberty County Florida Sheriff, Nick Finch was arrested by Governor Rick Scott for standing in defense of the Constitution and honoring his oath of office. Sheriff Finch believes the Second Amendment means what it says, our Right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. What Sheriff Finch did was well within his authority and in full compliance with the rules and regulations for records retention and destruction. What Sheriff Finch did was stand in the gap where the government is trying to erode your Liberty.

Sheriff Finch made the decision to not pursue a charge against Floyd Parish; well within the authority of the Sheriff to do. Upon making that decision, Sheriff Finch removed Parish’s file from the records and removed his name from the jail log. Well within his authority; The General Records Schedule for Law Enforcement, Correctional Facilities, and District Medical Examiners outlines this authority.