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A Tale of Five Kings

Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat its mistakes, so I share with you a tale of five kings so you can understand when Patrick Henry said; ” I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided and that is the lamp of experience. I know no way to judge the future but by the past”.”

There was king by the name of William who began his reign in 1066. King William was not from Great Britain, he was from Normandy.  He set himself up on the throne to fundamentally change Great  Britain . He didn’t like Great Britain because Great Britain , though similar to other kingdoms had one exception; common law. Common law that said there are common rules based on common standards, commonly applied throughout the kingdom. Common law constrained Kings. So William set out to fundamentally transform Great Britain and began to attack common law. First he decides to replace judges. He wants judges loyal to him and not common law. He wants to enforce his foreign law on the people. He starts chasing land owners off their land and handing their land over to his foreign Norman friends. Discover what King William the 1st did next and more.

The Gift of Liberty

Evil men will do what evil men will do. There’s no escape from this fact. Evil men have walked the earth from day 1 but the gift of liberty is truly a gift from God and when you embrace liberty as a gift from God then you will always have God by your side and you will walk without fear. In contrast those who have embraced the evil dictates of lies live in fear and they will find comfort snuggling up to other lairs. Take Florida’s self  proclaimed Constitutional conservative Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio has declared that he will not speak anywhere I am speaking. However, Marc Rubio doesn’t seem to have a problem standing with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, or Barack Obama. But there is more to this story.

The Progressive Agenda

The media has been running cover for growing government tyranny for years. They used to serve a critical role acting as a watch dog and alerting the public when the government attempts to cover up wrongdoings or step outside their enumerated Constitutional boundaries. No more. Now they just run cover because they love Obama. They love King Barry. Case in point. Obama now wants to use Obama Care funding to implement pre-school and early education childcare. Before you conclude that this is a good thing, know this. The progressive principle is to get children into school earlier so that the government becomes their parents and so that they can teach our children to learn to love government. This has been the progressive goal since the early 1940’s! Don’t believe me. I’ll show you the timeline!

Trickle Down Tyranny & Immorality

The wretched stench of government tyranny that has set root at the federal level has infected state and local governments and has weakened the will of our state and local representatives and we are losing power and control over our local neighborhoods!  For example, recently the Federal Government issued a press release denouncing the enemies of Islam, declaring that the enemies of Islam are the enemies of the United States! Have you ever heard them do the same for Christianity? And now……….the Florida virtual school system now has a section that claims that Islamist terrorists are only suffering from low self esteem looking for a place to fit in.  They go on to say that the reason for their low self-esteem is because Christians make them feel bad about themselves. John Adams warned us about things like this.

Moral Bankruptcy Has No Fiat Currency

Can someone please invent a little blue pill for Congressional impotency? And I guess when the truth is told about their impotency that you get put on a list because we had some technical issues but you know what? It’s just a distraction because there are way too many other things to discuss. Such as the moral bankruptcy of our government.  It’s too bad there isn’t a Federal Reserve for governments lack of morality. They could just print some but unfortunately such is not the case and so were faced with the like of John Boehner running around declaring that  he’s a conservative Republican when all he’s really concerned about is appeasing the people and paying off the king!  More debt slavery for our children. Thank you Congress.

Shackles of Tyranny

The weight of the shackles around your writes and your ankles are going to be a lot heavier than any weight you feel now from this growing tyranny. That is unless your John McCain who King Barry calls his “Bro Man.” “Bro Man?” If McCain is the “Bro Man” what does that  make Lindsey Graham, or Marco Rubio because they stand next to McCain. I mean what does it mean if a mother can’t pray in a school parking lot of her child’s school because it’s unconstitutional. Are  you kidding me!

The Game of Monopoly

The key to understanding the Federal Reserve is to read the rules of the game Monopoly. The rules of Monopoly says if the bank runs out of paper money, then just simply use little strips of paper until the bank has more paper money. Basically, you just create money out of thin air! But there’s more to report, especially a recent issue about the 1st Amendment. You will find this tyrannical absurdity almost unbelievable!

The Courts & the Constitution

You will frequently hear me talking about how anemic the political class is when it comes to standing by and for the Constitution and if you’ve been listening for any length of time you know that I can be particularly hard on Republicans. I’m hard on the Republicans because I expect more from them, but there is plenty of blame to go around. The courts for example. When you go to law school, they don’t teach you the constitution. They teach constitutional law, which is completely different and more dangerous than teaching nothing at all. They teach that the men in black robes know more then the people who actually wrote the constitution. The result of this is that judges have little appreciation (or understanding) for the Constitution and frequently driven by ideology and politics, instead of the Constitution. Keep listening if you want to know the specifics of how the courts have let us down.

Dear King Tell us What We Did

If there is any question in your mind at all if we still have a republic, or not, then consider this. Imagine you’re the legislature and you’ve been instructed to pass a certain law and as a good legislator you pass the law but then after the law passes, you then go back to your high and mighty king to ask what is was you just did. Sound absurd? You’re right. It is absurd but what makes it even more absurd this is exactly what happened recently. You might be able to guess what I’m referring to and you’d probably be right. If you want to find out if your suspicion is correct  give this edition of Liberty First with KrisAnne Hall a listen.

The NDAA & Future Crime

Did you know that under the NDAA the President can take action against you even if you haven’t committed a crime, but there’s a suspicion that you might be a threat to national security. You’re going to hear it straight from King Barry’s mouth. This is tyranny out in the open. It can’t be any clearer. What is scarier is that Congress and our supposedly conservative Constitutional Republicans think it’s ok! Are you kitting me!