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“The Problem is Choice”

The Ultimate Weapon Against Tyranny

Folks, I have updated this essay three times with updated losses experienced by Target, Bud Lite, etc.  It seems like their losses know no bottom.

There is an earthquake occurring across the nation and our enemies are waking to the fact that their war on America and Americanism is not going as they planned.  I have a hunch that in just a few years’ time June will ‘transition’ (pardon the pun) from Gay Pride month to Traditions Pride month. So terrifyingly powerful are coordinated boycotts that companies will begin marketing their wares by proclaiming how much they love and support traditional American values. As Rush used to say, “don’t doubt me”

In recent weeks, we’ve seen large companies increase their use of lifestyles defined only by their sexual practices as topics for their marketing campaigns. In each of these socio-economic engineering experiments, woke companies have been met with powerful opposition from a majority segment of the country at large. Nationwide boycotts have sprung up in opposition to these companies with absolutely bankrupting results. The most ironic part of their decision to celebrate people based on their sexual practices is that they cannot back out of it now.  Any reversal of their chosen course would be read as submission to Right values. Actual threats of violence have been made by the very group these woke  companies supported in the first place.   I swear, deciding to work with the alphabet mafia is like negotiating with an alligator on the promise he’ll eat you last. There is no negotiating with a mob, no matter how pretty their dress or glittery their sequins.

What is likely most surprising to the boards and leadership staff of the large, woke multi-nationals across the globe is that the massive boycotts they are seeing are not blowing over like they used to.  I am positive that when planning these marketing campaigns directed at transvestitism, sexualization of children and its implicit support of pedophilia, these woke companies likely anticipated and expected a ‘slight dip’ in sales in isolated locations around the country.  

“Sure, we’ll probably see a dip in fly-over country, but we’ll more than offset that with increased revenues in NYC and other more enlightened locations.”  

But to their astonishment, the anticipated ‘slight dip’ has become an absolute panic-inducing crater of Michael Bay proportions and there are no signs of it letting up.  In fact, now that our Cause is on its way to claiming its first scalp in Bud Lite, we are realizing that our power is much greater and more far reaching than we could have imagined.

  • Bud Lite has lost nearly 30 billion.
  • Target has lost over 12 billion.
  • Kohl’s stock price has lost over 20% of its value.

And let’s not forget Fox News. Depending on which demographic you measure, Fox’s purge of Tucker Carlson has resulted in a net loss of 40% of their viewership!

These losses are cataclysmic in the aggregate and should be absolutely terrifying to boards that have allowed the DIE camel nose under their tent. They have their fingers stuck in a veritable Chinese finger trap and there will be simply no escaping it unscathed.

Oh, and can I make a suggestion?  Before you risk a boycott from your core customers, it would be a good idea that your product is actually good.  I mean, have you drank Bud Lite?  Yeesh, it’s disgusting…This was the easiest boycott in the history of boycotts…

But why?  How is it possible that not only are these boycotts living longer, but their impact is so much stronger than they’ve ever been before?  

I daresay that what has changed is the interconnectedness that the internet and social media have provided to even the smallest of voices and niche interests.  People on both sides of the social divide are realizing that they can now spread an idea across the entire globe nearly instantly. We ALL have a Bully Pulpit now. 

Guys, do you realize that the total losses of Bud Lite and Target alone are equal to the GDP of Serbia?  Do you realize that our boycotts just bought a small country in Central Europe?  And we’re just getting started. We are finally eating our Grape Nuts and fighting back in the only language our enemies understand: Cash Flow.

And here’s the best part: This is a battlefield they cannot win. Because at the end of the day, we will always have a choice about if and where we spend our money. 

Every spending choice we make is a personal boycott or boycott.  

For every big box store that markets sexualized clothing to toddlers, there will appear 10 mom-and-pop stores who believe in traditional values and the American Way. They will notice an unserved market and sell to it. 

I think Neo said it best.  In the Matrix Reloaded when he said,

“Choice, the problem is choice”

And this is what our enemies will never understand: Choice is the ultimate weapon against tyranny. With every abridgment of our Liberties, Liberty will find a way to adapt and subvert its incessant need for absolute control. Liberty will always surpass any attempts to yoke it into submission. Human nature demands Liberty; it is as inevitable as the dawn.


R. Altomare

Founder, The BreathEasy App

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