Beyond the Soundbite with Jason Stapleton (video)

Published on Jan 15, 2016
Incredible interview with constitutional attorney and educator KrisAnne Hall by Jason Stapleton. It’s a great discussion.

Righteous Resistance To Civil Authority

Pastor JC Hall presents the Biblical teaching on Righteous Resistance to Civil Government. The Bible is replete with examples of the saints carrying on a long tradition of resisting the so-called higher powers when those powers become immoral and corrupt. Romans 13 has long been understood to teach a Christian’s submission to lawful authority, but a new generation asserts that such submission applies to lawless and tyrannical authority as well. How could this be true? Find out what the Bible says about that.

The Greatest Threats To Liberty & Simple Solution

Keynote speech at the 3rd annual Kansas 10th Amendment Dinner in January 2015

The Greatest Threats To Liberty And The Simple Solution

KrisAnne Hall was the keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual Kansas 10th Amendment Dinner in January 2015. In this rousing presentation KrisAnne talks about the biggest threats to liberty we face today in the United States and the simple solution provided to us by our founders.

The threats we face today are no different then our founding fathers and their ancestors faced. The solution is at hand when we choose to use it.

Take a stand.

Take advantage of simple, easy to understand tools to help you defend liberty with authority by going to

A Congressman and the Constitution

Attention Congressman Gosar! You took an oath about protecting the Constitution. Remember? Amazing short video that reveals what Congress really thinks about the Constitution.

He doesn’t get off the hook however without being informed in no uncertain terms why  Liberty must be supported.

Does The Constitution Work

Inaugural event for Blue Republican Minnesota
Date: Sunday 7th September. 6.30pm
Place: Minnetonka

Featuring KrisAnne Hall, Robin Koerner, and Frank Bibeau

… discussing the topic “Does the Constitution Work?” – from the perspectives of an American, a Brit, and a native American

If you want to defend liberty you have to know what you’re defending. You have to know what liberty is so you can identify those who wish to claim the right to grant liberty to us that they don’t have. It’s not just voting every two years because we all know what can happen once those whom we vote with the expectation to defend liberty once they get to DC.

This 30 minute video of KrisAnne Hall speaking in Minnesota is a rousing rendition of what we are all called to do in defense of liberty. It’s a must watch for any person who wants to protect the blessings of liberty for themselves and their children and understands that it’s not a responsibility they can, or should delegate to someone else.

My Most Radical Speech

Liberty is Our Inherent Possession, Not a Government Gift. – My Most Radical Speech

Published on Sep 20, 2014
THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB–WASHINGTON, D.C.– KrisAnne Hall, constitutional attorney speaks at the CSPOA press conference and summarizes the CSPOA Resolution that was drafted by CSPOA on January 24, 2014 and presented to legislative offices this week.– September 17, 2014

Link to the Resolution:

For more information on liberty and how you can exercise your inheritance, visit:

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Just 16 & He Gets Liberty

Meet Jesse. Jesse is 16 years old. Earlier this year Jesse attended one of my workshops on the Fourth Amendment. I remember how enthusiastic he was after the meeting. What I didn’t know was that after that meeting, Jesse went back to his home town and started planning. 16 year-old Jesse organized and coordinated an event for me to come to his community and teach on the history, foundation, and application of our Constitution. He told me that he wanted me to come and teach the Constitution to his community because he thought it would make it a better place to live.
At a time when many think that our young people just don’t care, Jesse says otherwise.

When many “older” people have said they don’t have the time or the ability to coordinate Constitutional training for their community, 16 year-old Jesse stands in the gap. At a time when our Constitution is under attack by our government and it seems that may are unwilling to fight back, Jesse rolls up his sleeves and gets to work.

Jesse told me that I inspired him, but he has it all wrong. Jesse, YOU inspire ME! Let’s continue to encourage these young people. Jesse is just one example. There are many more. I meet them all over this beautiful nation. Our young people do care and they are still worth fighting for!

Who was Crispus Attucks?

Crispus Attucks was the first man to die in our struggle for Liberty and Independence. And did you also know that, although he was a freed slave, he believed in liberty and he fought and he died for liberty. Our children go through school learning a cherry picked and revised history… do they learn the history of Crispus Attucks?

Gun Rights Town Hall Meeting

In this town hall meeting, KrisAnne Hall responds to what seems to be a common misconception about the Constitution being a living and breathing document subject to the prevailing winds and whims of the times and clearly explains the purpose of the Constitution and what it means when it says; “Shall Not be Infringed.”.

Simple 2nd Amendment Wisdom

KrisAnne Hall speaks to Oath Keepers about gun control, the fact that government workers are our employees and has a few simple words of wisdom about gun control and the 2nd Amendment.