Doctor’s Orders!

The World Didn’t Change, We Did

I visited the doctor this week. Nothing serious, but thanks for asking.

I only bring this up because it is so unusual; I NEVER go to the doctor. I avoid doctors like, well, like the plague.

And if our collective experience over the last couple years is any evidence, I’d say my longstanding strategy to avoid ‘medical professionals’ turned out to be well founded.  I predict when I am 236 years old, someone will ask me what my secret to long life was and I will tell them, “Eat your veggies, have a glass of wine with dinner and avoid all doctors!”

Regardless, I needed to refill a very minor (and my only) prescription which had run out recently. Complicating this very boring situation was the fact that I never bothered to pick a new doctor when I moved from the People’s Republic of Portland to Free Florida over two years ago. Time to find a new doctor!

Now don’t think for a second that I had somehow forgotten our collective experience with the ‘medical’ industry over the last 3 years. Images of professionally choreographed (by whom?) dancing nurses bounced through my head as I made the temporary concession to see a ‘doctor’ to refill my small 8-dollar prescription. And when I finally landed on a ‘doctor’ to visit, trust me, my skepticism was on high alert.

I have to say that, considering our shared experiences of illegal mask mandates, combative businesses and the imprisonment of patriots for insisting on the ‘my body, my choice’ precedent to refuse medical mandates, I have to say that I was a little apprehensive as I walked up to the medical office building for my appointment that day! I simply didn’t know what to expect.

Remember: I hadn’t visited a doctor in three years.  I simply didn’t know if the off-Broadway Dancing Nurse troupe and Mask Mandate Enforcement Brigade that guarded the front desk would scream at my beautifully unmasked face and order me, without authority, to don a paper face diaper or require some other useless ritual just to see the Great and Magnificent ‘doctor.’

And it was for this reason I built the BreathEasy app in the first place.  BreathEasy gives patriots the ability to flag woke businesses so that OTHER patriots will know beforehand to avoid them. BreathEasy is our tool to starve the beast of our hard – earned dollars and build the parallel economy one BreathEasy vote at a time.

Unfortunately for me, nobody had voted on any medical establishments in my area yet! So, I had the honor of being the advance guard to test the waters for my fellow patriots nearby. And, yes, I opened the BreathEasy app and voted!

Here’s the good news: Nobody accosted my beautiful, unmasked face. There were no Karens calling the police nor were there any minimum wage guards handing me a paper slave muzzle; I was able to enter the building and ride the elevator to the doctor’s office in peace. It almost felt like 2019 in there.  Almost…

But here’s the bad news: I am over 50 which I presume is some sort of milestone age in medical circles. As soon as I walked in, I felt like a limping wildebeest separated from the herd just waiting to get billed into oblivion by these hyenas of the medical Serengeti. And when the ‘doctor’ finally met me (for the first time) in the examination room, he could barely contain his excitement at his dumb luck of getting an over-50 male with good insurance.

Unfortunately for him, I am in excellent health. I eat right, I am not overweight, I go to the gym 4 times a week and I have a brain in my head. But that didn’t stop the Pfizer Pitchman!  As he entered the examination room, his first words to me were, “You’re 50! You’re halfway done!”

This is the man I am supposed to entrust my longevity to???

I swear to God, I should have walked out right then…

After a few very perfunctory questions, this ‘doctor’ began prescribing all manner of blood tests, probes, medications, cameras and scopes to be inserted in all the most inconvenient of places.  And all this happened in the first 10 minutes of the very first visit with absolutely ZERO medical records to inform his ‘professional opinion’ (remember, I don’t go to doctors, so no records). I swear I saw two tiny $’s in the pupils of his eyes as he entered the tiny examination room.

Get this: One of the medications he prescribed was an acid reflux medication.  And when I told him, “I don’t have acid reflux” do you know what he said? He said, “You may have reflux without even realizing it, it’s just best to get you on this medication now.”

Wow. It really was 2019 in there. Did I suddenly have ‘Asymptomatic Acid Reflux??’ Did he honestly think he could peddle the same lines that worked before the recent COVID unpleasantness?

So at the end of the appointment, this doctor had signed me up for two exploratory procedures, a litany of blood tests, prescribed an unnecessary medication and recommended yet another ‘injectable’ medication that he called a ‘cure’ but, when pressed, revealed that the ‘cure’ wears off after a few months! My God, this guy was swinging for the fences, wasn’t he?

Finally on the other side of this medical minefield and on my way out the door, I paid my co-pay and just got the hell out of there; I felt dirty. I had brushed up against medical corruption and every fiber in my being screamed, ‘run away!’

In the days following this appointment, I replayed the episode in my mind and I realized something. This ‘doctor’ wasn’t to blame; he was doing the only thing he knew how to do: prescribe drugs. This had ALWAYS been the system we lived under and which we all suspected to some degree or another. It’s just that it had become undeniable now.  ‘Horse de-wormer,’ anyone?

And then I realized the most important thing: the system hadn’t changed, it had always been thus. It was I who had changed. 

Look, our shared experience worldwide has changed ALL of us and how we perceive the world we were born into. No longer do we trust authority blindly like we did before. We are skeptical, we are questioning, we are distrustful of the organs of authority positioned over us. And this applies in the political realm just as much as the medical. These ‘authority figures’ sold their credibility on the alter of tyranny and compliance and it will be decades before they get it back. They mistakenly believed that their success was measured in dollars when in fact, it is measured in trust.

But the good news is that we see it now! Collectively, we now look at modern doctors as co-opted, corrupt salesmen for an industry who has no interest in curing us at all.

Granted, some of us came to this conclusion decades ago, but many of us have only realized it recently.  These latecomers to this realization are watching their friends, relatives and acquaintances drop dead from a ‘safe and effective’ injection cruelly called a ‘vaccine.’ They are joining our ranks daily.

I foresee a drastically different future for the medical profession after all the damage they’ve done to themselves. I predict the medical profession will regress towards what it does best: setting bones and prescribing chicken soup. And to this I say, “GOOD!” How many medications do we take to counteract the side effects of yet other drugs? Isn’t it just smarter to avoid the Merry Go ‘Round of side-effects treatment altogether?

And, in case you were wondering: I filled the one little prescription I needed and cancelled all the rest.

Patriot, we, together, have awakened to the true nature of the forces arrayed against us on a myriad of fronts. It is incumbent upon us to change the game and write new rules for ourselves. We are no longer ignorant participants in our own slaughter. We are taking charge.

Welcome to the New World, Neo.


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

Find Patriot Businesses, Spread the Word, Live Your Life


P.S. If anyone out there knows of a patriot doctor in the North Florida area who respects their patients, please drop me a line. I’m in the market…

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Toxic Masculinity and Feminism’s Great Lie

I recently ran across a video of Dr. Jordan Peterson taking questions from an audience on a college campus when a young woman asked Dr. Peterson what his solution to ‘toxic masculinity’ was. Before responding to her question, Dr. Peterson asked her to define the term. He claimed he wanted to ensure he was accurate in his response. That being said, I am 99% positive that Peterson did this simply because he knew she couldn’t. And he was right.
She stuttered, she faltered, her face went blank. As I watched her trip over herself trying to answer an unanswerable question, it hit me:
In the micro, not only was this mal-informed woman unable to define a term she herself just used and it was damn funny to watch her struggle. He stopped her premise in its tracks by one simple question.
But in the macro, her inability to define her own term implies a larger truth: that Toxic Masculinity doesn’t exist at all except as a limp rhetorical bludgeon to hammer away at the values of Western Civilization (ironically which includes universities, ffs). It’s a term that feminists simply cry out like ‘racist!’ or ‘bigot!’ or ‘homophobe!’ but never think very deeply about.
But why?
Leftist women have come to believe through unending feminist brainwashing since birth that, among other ill-founded tropes, what defines a man somehow resides within a framework defined completely in feminine terms. This is wrong on its face. Men and women are different animals. I believe John Gray once made a tiny fortune explaining this little nugget of wisdom.
This is why I laugh when women decry the double standard between men and women regarding their sexual histories: Yes, Virginia, there IS a double standard. The standards are different because men and women, and the expectations placed upon them since 10,000 B.C., are different.
Not to put too fine a point on things, but Feminism, feminists and those who pull their strings have lied to women for generations. It is only now that many women are waking up to their lie, which is extremely gratifying to watch.
Now, as I was creating the first draft of this essay and almost as if on cue, I received a letter from a woman who attempted to silence my masculine and unafraid manner of expression and cage it within her feminine framework. The irony here is that feminists HATE femininity but are all too willing to attack maleness being expressed in a masculine way.
I present her letter, unedited, to illustrate my point:
I’m a patriot and a fan of KrisAnne Hall who has info about your app on her website. So, I was interested in reading your ‘Articles’ on her website. I’m a Judeo-Christian and a US Patriot. While I do believe your app is a good idea and was initially interested in downloading it, I don’t appreciate you calling people ‘assholes’ and degrading people for their not being a Patriot. I strongly believe in what the Bible teaches us about ‘loving your neighbor’ and ‘loving your enemies’. We should beat our enemies through kindness, doing what is right in God’s eyes which He teaches us in His Word, and following our US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and local laws. We should not stoop down to the enemy’s (Satan) level with ‘name calling’ or making fun of them. We should state the facts without colorful commentary which is what our spiritual enemy (Satan) uses. I hope you have a blessed day.
Please allow me to retort (h/t Sam Jackson):
First, what the hell is a ‘Judeo-Christian??’ Do Judeo-Christians go to church or synagogue? I mean, holy hell. Does she really think we’re all this stupid to take this statement and let it pass? Spoiler alert, yes. Yes, she DOES believe you’re that stupid.
Secondly: I don’t believe for a second that this person is a patriot, nor that she values Liberty or Freedom. Instead, it is my very strong conviction that she is an enemy of Liberty and is attempting to cloak herself in the trappings of our movement to hide this fact. Yes, she uses all the buzzwords like “Constitution” and “patriot” but these are merely tropes to falsely establish her patriot bona fides. She might as well tell me how un-racist she is because of all the black friends she has. There are other little indicators in her letter that give away her game and reveal her true thinking, but I’ll keep those to myself.
And I’ll tell you right now that these toothless wolves in sheep’s clothing are exceedingly easy to spot if you’re paying attention. Any time someone is about to lay some bullshit on you, they always preface it with why their opinion matters more than yours. There is a loose script that all good communists follow, and they even use it when their different victim segments are squabbling among themselves! This woman’s email is no different.
The script goes like this: “Yeah, well, as a [insert victim label here], I’m uniquely positioned to tell you that you’re wrong and you’re not allowed to have a different opinion because you’re not a [insert victim label here] like me!
If you read closer in this person’s email above, you’ll notice she uses this script no less than three times! Consider the following:
First she establishes her bona fides (sheep’s clothing):
  • “I’m a patriot and fan of KrisAnne Hall…”
  • “I’m a Judeo-Christian (sic)…”
  • “I believe your app is a good idea…”
And now she makes her argument (the toothless wolf’s bite):
  • “I don’t appreciate…”
  • “We should beat our enemies through kindness…”
  • “We should not stoop down…”
Ronna McDaniel, is that you? I think we have all learned now that we are at war and invocations to respond with limp wrists, comity and losing strategies are long invalidated. Which makes this person’s letter all the more interesting.
The tactic that the letter’s author advocates (comity and being ‘above the fray’) are exactly what the RINOs would have us do. I’m going to go out on a limb here and estimate that this person is NOT a dyed-in-the-wool communist, but rather a Never-Trumping, RINO foot soldier (The NeoCon’s Antifa, as it were) who noticed my presence on a previously identified target of the regime (KrisAnne Hall) and took me as a target of opportunity. No dice, sister. I see you.
Secondly, this person attempts to leverage what she assumes as my Faith against me (Saul Alinsky would be proud) but fails. She parrots platitudes such as ‘love thy neighbor’ to strong arm me into weakness. Understand, dear reader, that when a RINO, communist or feminist is quoting the bible, it is only meant to neuter your righteous defiance against their tyranny. Rules for Radicals enumerates this specifically:
“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
Yeah, well, her use of ‘turning the other cheek’ as some form of limp resistance to tyrannical rule is merely an attempt to get Christians to live by our own Book of rules. Unfortunately for her, she was wrong.
You see, our enemies mistakenly believe that Jesus was some sort of sandal-wearing, 30-something hippy preaching rainbows and unicorns that just ran afoul of the power structure 2,000 years ago. I’m no theologian, but while Jesus preached love and forgiveness, he also flipped over moneychanger tables at the temple, didn’t He? If memory serves, didn’t He also recommend that we ‘sell our cloak’ and buy a…what was it He told His followers to buy again? I daresay that Jesus could be a badass when he wanted to be.
The author of this well-timed letter also tells us that we should revere the laws and ‘follow the Declaration of Independence.’ Excuse me? Follow the Declaration of Independence? Are you kidding me? Have you ever heard any patriot utter such nonsense? Only a RINO or communist could be so ignorant and stupidly assume that we are as ignorant as they!
So, no. I think I’m not going to pay much attention to your email, writer. You have been weighed and measured and found wanting. But I DO thank you for helping me illustrate a point I was already making in a very useful and timely fashion.
Our enemy’s desire is to weaken our resolve and they are attempting it both from within and without. One of their tools is the toxic masculinity trope that only masks their hatred for anything truly masculine: the inherent instinct to fight, conquer and protect.
Refuse to accept their premise, dear reader, in all its permutations. Never allow our enemies to define our nature by falsely (and insidiously) applying a feminine metric to our actions that is only meant to weaken you. Stand Fast.
R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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A Useful Idiot Blows His Cover

They Are Still Out There

As many of you know, the BreathEasy app has been live since the summer, and we’ve had great success in spreading the word about this new tool in the Patriot’s arsenal to fight tyranny and illegal mandates. As you well know, the BreathEasy app allows its users to vote on businesses on how well they respect your rights. Being a BreathEasy business is an invitation into the Parallel Economy given by the customers’ own votes.

Does a business force their employees to wear a mask?

Are they a leftist organization that supports evil?

Vote them down and spread the word about them. Our votes starve the beast of our hard-earned money and redirect it to businesses who share our values.

For much of the summer as BreathEasy has grown, we haven’t had many detractors at all; everyone instinctively understands the true value of creating a network of likeminded businesses and consumers united by common values. Together we become unstoppable. It’s not a hard concept to explain.

But this week was different. BreathEasy received its first ‘limp shot across the bow’ by one of those useful idiots we saw burning down cities last year in “mostly peaceful protests.”

And just like all domestic enemies and FBI agent provocateurs, he was clothed in the trappings of a Patriot pretending to be interested only in advancing the cause of Liberty.

Unfortunately for him, however, he simply couldn’t hide his simmering hate emblematic of the foot soldiers of despotism. Let’s take a look at his email for your entertainment.

[All typos and profanities left as received. Does spell check not work for Communists?]:

You’re site is supposed to let me vote for shit bag businesses that people need to hear about. When I try to down vote I get a stupid ass message saying- ‘don’t be shy mac, get closer and speak your mind”. WTF is that? I’m trying to speak my mind, and I’ve sent them a detailed breakdown of why they are a piece of shit business! So, does your app work, or not?

Sorry, but I wasted my time signing up and giving you my information, it pisses me off that it doesn’t work.

Dear reader, I can tell you without reservation, this individual was not a Liberty-loving compatriot in the trenches with us fighting for the Rights of Man. This was a basement-dwelling, keyboard-wielding, cheeto-dusted Social Justice ‘Warrior’ attempting to poison the reputations of Patriot businesses by fraudulently downvoting them from the comfort of his mother’s home. And he also gives up the game when he mentions that what he truly regrets is ‘giving me his information.’ He now knows his cover is blown and he is now a known quantity. Our enemies only prosper in the dark and his shield of anonymity has been ripped from him, and he knows it.

Unfortunately for our lazy enemy, he soon discovered that my feet were on Freedom’s Battlefield well before he was born; He failed to account for the fact that I fully recognize that we are at war and, as such, I designed BreathEasy to play both offense and defense.

The BreathEasy app plays offense by taking the fight to the enemy. We will create a united front against illegal mandates and summarily IGNORE them. BreathEasy businesses do not enforce illegal mandates as agents of the government and when a BreathEasy business is targeted by our enemies, the call goes out to the network to render support.

The BreathEasy app plays defense by disallowing the tired tactics of lazy thinkers and fraudulent actors. Today’s most recent useful idiot thought he had an original idea to fraudulently downvote patriot businesses and thereby ruin our network from the inside. He’s optimistic, if not hopelessly naïve.

“These people are stupid.”

They constantly underestimate the unconquerable Human Spirit that is grounded in Liberty and intrinsic to our being. So little research did this mental midget do, that he did not know that BreathEasy users must be physically present at the business to render a vote!

He quickly learned that he must put down his Xbox controller, get off his cigarette-burned couch, dust off the Cheeto crumbs from his scraggly, adolescent ‘beard’ and march his sweatpanted ass down to the Patriot’s place of business to make his Karen voice heard.

Friends, I can tell you that I have received legitimate criticisms from well-meaning patriots that I should loosen up this rule and allow people to vote from home on the internet. These folks are easy to identify as well-intentioned patriots. But just as easily identified are the ‘Insider Threats’ such as the most recent run-in with Antifa’s JV team. I provide this as an object lesson that while BreathEasy is experiencing significant growth and support by our friends, our enemies are not yet vanquished.

Here’s the irony of it all: Sam, the Social Justice Failure attempted to pervert the Patriot Economy’s Ballot Box called BreathEasy just as his ilk have done to the Electoral ballot box with mail-in voting. I swear, there’s not an original thought in the whole bunch.

And, for your reading enjoyment, I provide my reply:

Relax. You must be within 250 feet to vote on the business. This prevents Basement Dwelling, Antifa snowflakes such as yourself from voting maliciously from their couch.

Additionally, you don’t vote from the website, you vote from the app. Or didn’t you know that?

Curious: How is it you sent a ‘detailed breakdown’ of why they are a woke business when the only option is to tag the businesses with prewritten descriptions?

Gosh, is it possible you’re not exactly as you claim?

Quelle Surprise….

Sorry, Mac. You’re gonna have to leave your parent’s basement to do your “damage.”


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

Find Patriot Businesses, Spread the Word, Live Your Life

PS: While this week’s example of failed adulthood was the first attempt to subvert the BreathEasy App, he certainly wasn’t the first naysayer to appear. Unfortunately, the individual who claims this ignominious title was a former friend that came out of the woodwork who believed that writing anonymously would protect his identity. It didn’t. He was as transparent as Spooky Mulder.

Come now, Mick. You must certainly know by now that there are ‘no more secrets…’


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The National Dog Fight – The Mental Damage

I will be the first to admit that no matter how optimistic I am for our guaranteed victory over the echelons of usurped power and nefarious influence, I still grow weary of our war. “Doom Porn” is a word now and it inundates us on a daily basis, and, because of our constant connectedness, bad news is inescapable.

In any war, it is incumbent upon soldiers and generals to count casualties and try to determine who “won.” But beyond these metrics, another method not typically commented upon is the fortitude of the citizens themselves; How willing are they to continue the fight? How committed are they to victory? Do the people continue to support their political leaders in their fight? These can be the more significant metric than any others. As the saying goes, “It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog.”

There is no clearer or more obvious marker for individuals who have lost their will to fight and who have been mentally beaten by our war than the unmandated wearing of masks (aka ‘slave muzzles’). We all see these people who every day. Even down here in Free Florida people continue to voluntarily wear these instruments of subjugation. But why? 

Here in Florida, the government mandates have ceased and will never come back. And the requirements by businesses to wear a mask or show your vaccine status have also ceased (and the BreathEasy app ensures that no business will EVER dare mandate such foolishness again). Add to this the general disappearance of the perennial busybodies (‘Karen’) who enthusiastically acted as government overseers for uppity slaves all sum to a ‘win’ for Freedom. Absent these loudspeakers for oppression, why are there still individuals who continue to subjugate themselves by wearing masks to, literally, nobody?

The answer is because these people have been mentally broken.

Our fellow citizens who bought into the Lie might be forgiven for being fooled by liars. But they will never be forgiven (by me, at any rate) for attempting to enforce their own delusion on those of us who saw through the Lie. They were falsely righteous in their attacks on us thinking they were doing the Lord’s work and “keeping people safe” when in fact they were doing the Devil’s work, acting as de facto overseers on behalf of globalist plantation owners. And now that the lie is crumbling and many are learning of the lethality of the injections they have received, they are now asking for amnesty. Patriots, no quarter must be given on this issue. Never forget how they treated us.

But it is those that suffer the illegal mandates in muted, accommodating silence that are the untold victims to the mental violence of our time. During the lockdowns, these people (we all know at least one) wore the slave muzzle without question and do so even now! We see them every day in shops, in grocery stores, at our local Target. 

But there are others who are so damaged, so far gone, that it will take years of de-programming to ever bring them back from their mental edge. And let’s be honest, these mentally weak people were always out there but it took a Lie so massive and compliance so total to bring it out and show how degraded our people’s fortitude (in general) had become.

Last week, I was at a stop light when a car pulled up beside me. As I looked over, I realized that I was presented with an example of a person so totally, mentally broken that I was inspired to write this essay. (the air freshener was a nice, ironic touch)A Broken Man

This poor devil was in his car, alone, wearing a mask, with the windows up, in Free Florida. But the coup de grace was when I looked closer.  When you zoom in on the picture you will notice that this poor soul has poked a hole through his mask to allow him to smoke his pipe

Imagine: This man was faced with the choice of which addiction to feed his addiction to nicotine and his addiction to subjugation and, God bless him, he found a way to feed both. There are a couple of lessons contained within this living, breathing meme that I witnessed that day:

  1. Even in the most heinous circumstances, people will create ridiculous justifications and contortions of logic to accommodate insults to their personal freedoms and attempt to maintain some semblance of comfort. And, 
  1. Some people have been so mentally broken by this war and to such an extent that all mental faculties for critical thinking or understanding of what ‘Freedom’ truly means have been erased. They have forgotten, or never learned, their heritage as an American.

I’m sure the soldiers in the Continental Army were also surprised at how many ‘loyal subjects’ there were who did NOT support their cause for Freedom and Independence. I’m sure they asked themselves how it was possible that anyone couldn’t see the absolute insults to personal dignities the British Crown was imposing on their own citizens/subjects. To one man, it was merely Common Sense that the Colonies should divorce themselves from their mother country. And, as Mr. Paine likely learned, common sense is not as common as it should be, equally so in the 18th century as the 21st.

The tolls of this war extend beyond lost savings accounts and broken supply chains. It is exacting a cost on a much more intimate and personal level.

My recommendation is to pick a day, Sunday perhaps, to completely disconnect from the electronic world; leave your phone at home, bake bread, walk your dog, grab a coffee and read a physical book. The battlefield is your mind, don’t cede an inch of it.

Fort Sumter In Arizona

By R Altomare, Founder of BreathEasy
The Patriot’s Tool of Non Compliance
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When looking at the big picture of our ongoing national crisis, the fight for a fair election in the State of Arizona is strikingly similar to South Carolina’s ejection of Federal forces from Fort Sumter in 1860. Let me explain:

In case your high school history class was more than a few years ago, six days after he removed his State from the American Republic’s contract (the US Constitution) in 1860, the Governor of South Carolina enforced the sovereignty of his nation and removed American federal forces from a South Carolinian fort when they refused to withdraw from the (now foreign) territory of South Carolina. After several refused requests, the SC governor was forced to open fire on the federal forces to enforce his demand.  This action was marked (even at the time and not just through history’s lens!) as the first shots fired in the First American Civil War. We are seeing the same in Arizona, but merely of a different form.

I have long held that the United States is in the midst of its Second American Civil War and, while no shots have been (formally) fired between State and Federal forces, we have engaged the enemy in an increasing number of legal, informational and memetic skirmishes over the last 6 years nonetheless. And we are winning.

And it is the protracted legal fight for fair elections in Arizona that mark a formalization of hostilities against corrupt transnational forces who have seized control of this southwestern State which make it stand out as our generation’s Fort Sumter moment. No longer are corrupted elections a thing of whispered conspiracy theories. As of this writing three counties have ‘delayed’ the certification of their elections and, by so doing, have stymied our enemies’ steal of yet another State.

Our enemies have already declared defeat in Florida and they cannot brook another Florida in Arizona. They will fight like the cornered animals they are. So STOP being surprised and depressed when these animals fight to maintain their position of privilege! Expect the cur to snap at you and you’ll never lose a finger.

When (not if) the Kari Lake election win is finalized (however it may happen), an alliance of States will form by default.  Arizona, Texas and Florida will form the backbone of formalized, State-Level resistance to the American Federal Empire.  And, as this backbone forms and solidifies, more States will join the cause. There is no need to secede when 45 of 50 States speak their values in unison!

From where I sit, I see a brushfire of Liberty spreading on two different levels.

  • First, at the county level. One by one, individual Arizonan Counties are refusing to certify a known-corrupted election. They have seen the reports that greater than 60% of vote machines had problems on election day. These brave county officials have learned the lesson of stolen elections.  As counties decide to ‘delay’ certification of a questionable election, more will follow. Soon, only Maricopa County itself will be the only county invested in their steal of the will of the people.
  • Secondly, on the State level. Just like the small rural counties in Arizona, Florida was the vanguard to prioritize election integrity and actually put teeth in its laws. Hard work by many grassroots organizations all throughout Florida have pushed accountability and actual laws to shore up voter integrity in the State. Later, Florida was joined by Texas and soon, Arizona will join this Alliance against Evil and corruption.

Friends, as I wrote in a previous essay, our victory is assured. The hard work is being done, our neighbors’ eyes have been opened and now we are really in the mop up phase of the Second American Civil War.

The cynics in our ranks would point to the ‘loss’ in Pennsylvania as evidence we are losing our country.  WRONG! Sloth was the very best candidate they could come up with! This is an unmitigated win because the American Communists were forced to cheat to levels so overwhelming to drag their brain damaged candidate across the finish line that the steal wasn’t even subtle at all.  Did you know that over 50% of Sloth’s votes were mailed in? Our enemies in Pennsylvania won a skirmish only. I predict Sloth’s ‘win’ won’t survive 6 months.

How can I be so certain of Kari Lake’s win and a reversal or similar invalidation of the Pennsylvania ‘election?’ Because lies are forever and people are looking for them.  The evidence already exists to completely invalidate these ‘elections’ and the American public is fully aware of the theft of their vote.

We are in uncharted waters, friends. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the wind at our backs and a divine navigator at the helm.

R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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Does Lance Armstrong Have the Solution to Fair Elections? 

 Written by: R. Altomare, Founder BreathEasy App

Serious question: Has Ashton Kutcher come out with a new ‘Punked’ show aimed at Conservative Voters that I haven’t heard of? Does Lucy Van Pelt now intern for Ronna McDaniel?  

Controlled opposition shills such as Ben Shapiro tell us we need better candidates to win elections.  Our so-called ‘elected’ officials tell us to ‘vote harder’ next time. This is naïve at best and absolute gaslighting at worst.  They are asking Conservatives to essentially “bring a vote to a cheat fight.” I will no longer participate in good faith in a contest where cheating is occurring. You know and I know that Sloth did not beat out Dr. Oz for the US Senate in Pennsylvania (on what planet did you think that sentence would ever be spoken?). 

Oh, And Spare Us Your ‘Analysis’ 

When I see talking heads and other propagandists talking at us, their so-called ‘analysis’ tries to explain to us plebes “what went wrong.” But it is the framing of their questions that reveals the lie. They ask, “Why didn’t Republicans perform as expected?”  But this implies that the failure was somehow our fault (e.g. bad candidates or not voting hard enough).  

Here’s what you’ll never hear: “How in the hell did Democrats win with enthusiasm on the Right rivaled only by the Left’s rank criminality?” or “How is it possible that candidates who couldn’t fill a high school gym won so overwhelmingly…again?” This is the tell, patriot. They cheated, they KNOW they cheated, and this is why they frame their rhetoric the way they do. 

Give us your over-taxed, over-regulated, your deplorables yearning to breathe free. 

Here’s what we know: It simply does not matter how many voters participate when your enemy counts the votes.  ‘Voting harder’ is not a strategy to win a fixed game. ‘Better candidates’ don’t win elections (just ask Dr. Oz how that worked in his rigged contest against Sloth).  

One solution by Governor DeSantis was the implementation of a variety of election integrity measures which appears to have had great success. This, combined with refugees from California and New York, culminated in a successful election. How many accusations of cheating have you seen coming out of Florida as compared to Arizona? 

Others such as Gab CEO, Andrew Torba, agree with my own thinking that we must create a parallel everything to combat the rigged system. It is the ultimate nullification. Who cares if Alameda, Portland or Chicago try to shutter your business when you are mobbed by Patriots throwing money at you when you ask for help? BreathEasy calls this a “BUYCOTT.” Talk about “power to the people…” 

But isn’t there a third choice? If the Communists insist on cheating, their cheating removes any requirement for us to abide by the rules of the contest also. Their cheating has given us permission to join them in the cheat. And it is this choice that goes completely uncommented upon by ANY on the Right. If we truly want to wrest control from our rulers, shouldn’t we turn our elections into a ‘may the best cheater win’ scenario and beat them at their own game? 

How to Create A Level Playing Field – The Lance Armstrong Stratagem 

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2013, Lance Armstrong admitted to doping to win the Tour de France seven times. While his admission sent the world into a tizzy of scandal and comeuppance, Armstrong made two interesting statements that were completely uncommented upon by anyone.   

Let’s see if you see now what I saw then: 

“…Winfrey asked Armstrong whether his actions felt wrong, or whether he felt bad or whether they even felt like cheating. His answer to each of those questions: “No.” 

“I viewed it as a level playing field,” he said. 

And this gem: 

“…He also said he didn’t believe that it was possible to win seven titles without using drugs “in that culture.”” 

Do you see it?  

Lance implied that he was not the only athlete cheating. He asserted that in order to have a chance of winning at all, doping was absolutely required.  It was the “culture” of the Tour de France that required doping in order to be competitive at all. All poor Lance did was accept the premise. 

Therefore, if we apply Armstrong’s choice to the criminally compromised elections of the American Empire, there is an argument that says, if you want to win a contest where your adversary cheats, you must join the criminals in their criminality. This, at least, would ‘level the playing field’ and turn the contest into a ‘may the best cheater win’ scenario. This solution states that we MUST cheat if we are to continue to play the game. 

Many of my brethren on the Right will (and should) instinctively wince at such a suggestion. They would rightfully say, “cheating will make us no better than criminals” and “two wrongs don’t make a right.”  

My cynical follow up to this would be: Sure, but how bad do you want to win? 

Let’s look at why Lance made the choice he made.  Lance claimed he doped because of his 

“… ruthless desire to win”  

Would we say that conservatives have a ‘ruthless desire to win?’ I think it’s obvious we have a STRONG desire to win, sure. You might even say we have a RIGHTEOUS desire to win.  But we most definitely do not have a RUTHLESS desire to win.  

However, the Communists unfortunately do. You and I both know that stripped of their power and influence, our enemies would find it mighty hard to get their (our!) chauffeured limos and private jets if they didn’t feel entitled to leverage any and every tool at their disposal to keep the shrimp cocktail flowing. It’s not like that Gender Studies degree from Vasser qualifies them for anything other than flipping burgers and organizing riots. 

But here is where we find the flaw in Lance’s self-justification. His desire to ‘win’ at any cost (which included his honor) was what forced him to compromise his values. Looking from the outside in, the more honor-preserving choice for Lance might have been to simply not participate in a compromised contest.  

So am I in favor of cheating harder than our Communist enemies? No. Above all else, we must maintain our honor and our right to hold our head up high. Our wins must be airtight. However, I am certainly NOT in favor of holding our head up high enough for it to be lopped off by the mob during our own American Reign of Terror that is most assuredly likely with this crop of latter day Robespierres. 

But in a contest that is irreparably corrupted, there is no valid argument to continue to compete. 

Our solution lies in pouring gas on what Governor DeSantis has recently merely toyed with. The 10th Amendment is, by a mile, the strongest of the Amendments contained within the American Constitution. It is also the small exhaust port on the Empire’s Election Fraud Space Station. Dare I say it is the BreathEasy solution implemented at the State level? 

For those newcomers to Constitutional thinking, the 10th Amendment states quite simply: 

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

We have seen that criminals absolutely rely on the centralization of power within the Executive Branch to maintain their cheat. The 10th Amendment is the Patriot Governors’ tool to nullify federal criminality, illegal mandates or other usurpations and insults to a Free People.  

Yes, they will rage and they will whine. They will call it a Constitutional Crisis and defend their central authoritarianism even if it means ruling over ashes afterwards. They will also demonstrate their belief that ‘might makes right.’  

But the Free States of America will summarily ignore all of it.  Every State in this Union of American States is a sovereign nation unto itself. We must relearn the notion of American ‘dual sovereignty.’ Our solution is not held in one election or a single savior individual. Our solution is generational and will take time until their criminality crumbles into a heap and nothing is left of it except for a footnote in a far-future history book and the echoes of long dead harpies. 

We have our solution; in fact, we always did. We know that the Communists cannot and will not allow a fair election. It is time to leverage the 10th Amendment to its fullest expression and declare in one voice that we are not mere subdivisions of a federal empire. We are States, sovereign nations in our own right. 

And when these newly minted ‘leaders’ attempt to exercise stolen authority, it will be met with a deafening indifference as we live our lives within our State borders and watch as our crops and our children take root and grow to feed our future, rooted in republican government, a Constitutional Rule of Law and a cherishing of Individual Liberty. 


R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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Attention Business Owners!

Do you want to reach the Patriots who are already seeking out businesses who share their values? Are you concerned that future lockdowns and illegal mandates will force you to close your life’s work?

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Our Enemy Is Already Defeated, But You’d Never Know It…

Never let your enemy color your perceptions in war.

If you get your information from the mainstream media and ‘mockingbird’ twits, you might think that our Great Cause is running towards a cliff. You might think that victory is a hair’s breadth away from being lost utterly.

Patriot, nothing could be further from the truth.

We must keep top of mind that the Second American Revolution is a war fought on an Information Battlefield and not the plains of Europe or deserts of the Middle East. Gone are the days of ‘rockets’ red glare.’

We must also remember that we are all soldiers in this war.

In days of yore, we fought to take and keep terrain. Whether that terrain was filled with minerals or agricultural potential, it was a fight for terrain, nonetheless. And the factions who fought over this terrain engaged in the destruction of the infrastructure within the boundaries and borders of these lands in order to take that terrain and keep it.

But this is extremely inefficient! Because the moment the terrain was taken, the very same infrastructure that was destroyed in war has to be rebuilt. So then why destroy the very same infrastructure the winning side needs afterwards?

Because destroying infrastructure was only a means to an end: to destroy the will of the inhabitants to defend their little patch. Once you destroy the will to resist, the land is yours for the taking.

But the battlefield has changed: We are no longer defending a spot of ground, even one the size of a nation. No, we are defending an idea that has been at the corners of our collective minds since time immemorial: that men are born free owing allegiance to no authority placed over them except for their God.

Our enemies feel differently, however. Our enemies, the enemies of Freedom, believe that they have a right to control those they see as ‘lesser.’ Whether through fiduciary power or by birthright, these groups and individuals are attempting to maintain the claim over you that they have held for centuries. It is only through the coordination of coincidences and events, together with divine providence, that has brought us to where we are now.

As I said, the 20th century battlefield does not involve killer robots or flying cars as we’ve seen in our dystopian science fiction of the last 150 years. Instead, it is an invisible battlefield where ideas are offered, elevated and suppressed in order to take the ultimate spoils: The Human Mind. It is this new mode of warfare that preserves the infrastructure that our enemies covet so much while gaining them ultimate control over the population that inhabits it.

Eager slaves make for easy prisoners.

And here’s the irony of it all! We are inundated with doom and gloom ideas from both sides of this conflict!

  • Our enemies suppress our wins on the battlefield to break our will to fight.
  • Our allies perversely suppress our wins on the battlefield to inspire us to fight harder.

Where does this leave the citizen-soldier? Nothing but depressed, dejected and absolutely sure of our eventual defeat and delivery to ‘serfitude.’

I am here to tell you a different story, patriot. I am going to tell you that we are not only winning our war, we are winning bigly. I am not only hopeful for our shared future, but I am also impatient for its most assured arrival.

Let me explain:

I spent a significant amount of my career in the ‘War on Terrorism.’ And, to make sure American Hegemony was correctly defined, this effort was called the GWOT, the Global War on Terror. One of the key tactics used in the Global War on Terror was the targeting and elimination of terror leadership.

This is done because eliminating leadership disrupts the enemy’s ability to command and control his forces (albeit temporarily). This is also done because identifying leadership is actually a fairly elementary exercise. Carpet bombing a city is no longer necessary when you can literally fire a missile with its target’s name written on the nose cone.

But what must be kept in mind is that when a terror cell leader is removed from the battlefield, his absence creates a vacuum that must be filled to keep your soldiers in the fight. Of course, when the replacement is found, our strategy never changed: we conducted another decapitation by eliminating this NEW leader. And again, as the last time, our GWOT enemies were again forced to find a replacement and thrust this new individual into the crosshairs of yet another American cruise missile. The metric then became the time between leadership decapitations.

This process does not go on forever, however! As the enemy is forced to plumb his ranks again and again to fill the bloody crater that was the previous leader, the quality of leadership begins to drop off.

This is another key difference in warfare now versus warfare before: The question of winning is no longer who has more bombs and butter, but rather how deep is your adversary’s bench?

And it is THIS metric that I want to draw your attention to, Patriot.

Do not measure our successes or failures by what CNN or Fox News tells you. If you want to truly see how well we are doing, start by assessing the depth of our enemy’s bench. Look to the candidates that they offer up to fill the vacuum of previously removed individuals. You think the Democrats’ mascot, AOC, got to where she is because she was some deep Leftist thinker or Marxist PhD from Trotsky Technical College?

And here’s the best part: Our enemies’ foundational makeup has a fatal flaw embedded within it. Their underlying belief is that centralization of power is good. But this only makes sense if you’re running a criminal enterprise (and they are, and it does). Over the last 60-160 years, the enemies of the Human Spirit have consolidated power into a small cadre of individuals to such an extent that their bench is about as deep as AOC’s comprehension of the Free Market.

The political incest that exists is at Hapsburg levels now and there is now curing it. As their leaders are imprisoned, killed or ‘hammered’ by their gay prostitutes, they have no bench on which to draw replacements and extend the war.

Do they truly mean to tell us that their best option, their best candidate is John Fetterman? Is it truly possible that they thought a former Goonie was their best weapon against the dual citizenship-having RINO, Mehmet Oz (Yes, we are fully aware of Oz’s RINO status) in the midst of a Red-Tsunami?

Here’s our enemy’s dirty little secret that they’ll never tell you: he IS their best candidate! Otherwise, this moron wouldn’t have gotten out of the bush leagues of West Yokel, Pa. They have no others to offer up. They have no one that can legitimately, cohesively and cogently make the argument that their guy is better than ‘our’ guy. This is ultimately GOOD NEWS for us, and not just for a single election but because it indicates the depth of their bench. They have nobody else.

Patriot, this is a war. And in war there are victories and there are losses. But I will tell you what even our own allies won’t tell you: we are doing much better than anyone wants to let on. You should be paying attention to trends and key metrics that indicate the underlying truth and AVOID corrupt polls and bought-and-paid-for shills from BOTH sides.

And yes, we are definitely in uncharted territory with the ongoing Constitutional crisis they have created, but here’s the good news: it’s just as uncharted for our enemies as it is for us.

This means those people with the best ability to roll with the punches and see the bigger picture, wins. You really think they have what it takes to survive for the long haul?

Our enemies are a joke.

R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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Attention Business Owners!

Do you want to reach the Patriots who are already seeking out businesses who share their values? Are you concerned that future lockdowns and illegal mandates will force you to close your life’s work?

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Force Our Enemies to Live Their Hypocrisy – A Practical Guide


Last week, I ran across an article by some talking head/propagandist who told us that Latin Americans, by their very nature, are racists. Yup! I couldn’t believe it either. It came about when they attempted to cover for the LA City Council’s recent (secretly recorded) racist remarks by attributing their racism to “latinidad.” 

In case you hadn’t yet heard on your local Big Brother Outlet, several LA City Council members have resigned when their objectively racist remarks during an official meeting with Labor were secretly recorded (likely) by the very people they were meeting and then leaked online. 

Now, for my readers who do not speak Spanish, “latinidad” basically translates to “Latin-ocity” or “Latin-itude.” “Latinidad,” just like it’s English approximations, sounds just as invented in Spanish as it does in English. It’s a made-up word that roughly translates to ‘all things Latino.’ 

In the article that I ran across the other day (and I DO apologize that I can’t find it again), the writer was trying to downplay the abject racism that these elected officials displayed while conducting official business by attributing their racism to “Latinidad.” In other words, this propagandist tried to play off racism by his tribe by saying, “that’s just Latinos being Latinos.”  Next thing we’re going to hear is, “Puerto Ricans are ‘passionate.’”

So, if you’re following along, this guy just painted an entire hemisphere as unreconstructed, uncivilized racists who are incapable of functioning in a modern society without letting their inner bigot-flag fly. If there were a broader brush with which to paint a people, I can’t imagine it.  The giant irony here is that this ‘pundit’ exposed and confirmed his own “unconscious bias” when he demonstrated that racist birds DO flock together. 

So, taking this crypto-racist seriously, why not take his idiotic statement and run with it? Stop ignoring their obvious spin and force them to embrace it and everything it implies.  By his own statement, he claims every Latino is racist. And because this is a de facto disqualifier for participation in civilized society, did he just inadvertently disqualify every Latino from ever holding public office ever again?

His statement about latinidad was a throwaway statement never meant to be taken seriously or remembered; he had to say something to protect his tribe.  But instead of letting his statement drift away and be forgotten like so much smoke in a mild breeze, we should start holding these zealots accountable for their statements and force them to LIVE their spin.

Here’s what I mean:

During the next selection election in Los Angeles, why not ask the Democrat Latino candidate, “it’s been said that all Latinos are racist. How will you overcome your racism and represent ALL Angelenos?”  When they huff and puff and refuse to ‘dignify your question with a response,’ remind them of the LA City Council’s episode of official, casual racism now on display. Force them to confront the hypocrisy of their tribe and ball them up in knots as they try to extricate themselves. Don’t forget to laugh at them, the comedy writes itself.

And in case you thought democrats’ racism was limited to just Los Angeles elected officials, let me remind you of a speech in 2001 where Justice Soto-Mayor said,

“…Justice O’Connor has often been cited as saying that a wise old man and wise old woman will reach the same conclusion in deciding cases…I am also not so sure that I agree with the statement…”

“…I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life [emphasis mine].”

Notice that where former Justice O’Connor explicitly stated the equal capability of both men and women, Soto-Mayor disagreed with the premise!  Instead, she inserted race into a non-racial discussion and said that “Latinos” are inherently ‘better.’  Not only did she explicitly claim that a Latino woman, by virtue of her race, would render a better judgment, but she is apparently casting herself in the role of this ‘wise Latina.’

My God, the hubris. Is it any wonder these people thought they could mandate that the entire world to wear a worthless surgical mask slave muzzle at their local Piggly Wiggly? This is how these people think.

So, how do we make Soto-Mayor live and defend her own stupid claim?

Soto – Mayor should be publicly and loudly asked this question at every possible occasion: “How can you judge ANY case or pretend to be impartial if you are a known racist?”

Or here’s another one, “Can you point to any decisions where your ‘latinidad’ produced a better decision than your white or male counterparts?”

Don’t forget: these aren’t our definitions; these aren’t our rules. These are the definitions that our enemies have offered themselves. We must force them to defend their hypocrisy. And as you’ve seen in recent years, they twist themselves into Gordian Knots defending the indefensible, and it’s hilarious!

Here’s another case illustrative of the larger point:

During her confirmation hearing for SCOTUS earlier this year, Katanji-Brown was asked and couldn’t answer what a woman was. In spite of the fact that she, herself, was equipped with the requisite equipment indicative of the gender, she was still unable to define herself.  She answered by saying that she “wasn’t a biologist.”

Who knew?! Who knew that one needed a bachelor’s degree in the natural sciences to figure out which clothing department at Target to buy its clothes (you know she ain’t no Walmart grrrl)!

Now you and I both know that her stupid answer was nothing more than a dodge to avoid the wrath of the Alphabet People.  But to this I say, “fine! Good!” We now have a SCOTUS justice who testified that she is so ignorant of…of….geeze, I can’t even describe how BASIC the information is that she claims ignorance of.  Katanji-Brown claims ignorance of something so basic that 3-year-olds have figured it out. 

To be honest, I think the confirmation committee really missed an opportunity here to force her to live her non-truth.  Some great follow up questions could have been,

“OK, I understand that you would like to avoid answering questions so broad and expansive that you risk offending someone; that is very polite of you.  So, let me ask you: Are YOU a woman? Are there any justices on the Court now that you suspect of being a woman?”

The irony here is that we, again, have their own words to declare their stupidity and obtuseness. We aren’t ascribing or speculating at all. Our future dismissal of literally any opinion she renders will be answered with, “yeah, but can she tell me what a woman is?” as we laugh at her.

Again, to this I say, “fine!”  Why? Because she has absolutely disqualified herself from rendering ANY opinion at all, ever, inside the courtroom or out, that has even the slightest sexual component. 

These justices give interviews, so why don’t we take it upon ourselves to make sure we make it through the call screener with the Communist-friendly (and obviously falsely premised) question, “You are so brave! What’s it like to be the first POC on the court?” and then, when you make it on the air, you instead ask, “I loved how you handled your confirmation hearings! But how do you know you’re not a man?”

These people not only should be mocked, but they should be mocked mercilessly, publicly and at every opportunity. These animals and anti-civilization zealots absolutely seek the limelight and adoration of their tribe. We should infiltrate that tribe (you know, like the K-FBI-GB infiltrates domestic terrorist groups that they themselves create) and cause absolute havoc.  The bonus here is that because every value they have, every special sub-group that exists for them (infinitely sub-divided to create specialness out of people who are uniquely not special at all), when they attempt to use logical gymnastics to defend the indefensible, they will invariably insult or sleight some other sub-group. This is how internecine warfare is fostered; blow on that smoldering ember.

We are at war and going on the offense is NEVER a bad idea. No army has ever won a war playing defense. These people are absolutely ripe for mockery and ego deflation. Let’s help that along, shall we?

With You In The Fight,
R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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American Communists In Favor of Small Government!

There’s just something about Leftists that, if they weren’t so dangerous, they’d be hilarious.
The one defining characteristic all woke Leftists share is their unending narcissism that (counter-intuitively) never leads to any sort of introspection or self-awareness. How is that even possible? How can these earnestly blindered individuals gaze into Narcissus’s’ mirrored lake and rejoice in their glorious wokeness, yet never even suspect that they might have been lied to and turned into a useful idiot by truly evil men?
Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not mocking fools for being fooled. I am mocking them for NEVER questioning their certainty. We see an unending list of Communist agitators masquerading as politicians who pervert laws and regulations in the sorry hope of ensnaring Conservatives. But in spite of Leftist politicians’ fancy suits, big words and scary regulations, all I TRULY see is Wiley E. Coyote trying to wrangle the Road Runner with some new contraption doomed to fail. Despite his best efforts and seemingly unending credit line with Acme, every snare Wiley sets not only fails, but backfires and boomerangs on the poor Mr. Coyote in spectacular fashion. And the same goes for the Communists currently ‘in power.’
As best I can tell, I think Acme has begun marketing their contraptions to the Communists now holding office, These poor fools are always coming out with some new fangled regulation, agency or law that they are assured will finally lead them to ultimate power and hegemony. But, just like Wiley, when they eagerly open the crate of their new toy in a doomed effort to lasso Liberty and bring the Human Spirit to heel, it fails spectacularly and, as we’ve seen in recent years, boomerangs on them only multiplying their failure.
Consider the election of 2016. If you remember, the Democrat Primary became a race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. But Bernie wasn’t in the club and Hillary bribed ‘the man of the people’ with (at least) a house in the Hamptons.
Now with Bernie out and the “Bernie Bros” forced (forced!) to support the Demo(n)crat Hillary, Trump wiped the floor with her and beat her easily. The utter irony of Hillary’s loss was that it was her own corruption that lost it for her. Bernie would have beaten Trump. Talk about a boomerang. Not only did she lose the election, but she has been playing defense ever since.
And it’s happening again. In an effort by the Left to dunk on an obviously competent Florida administration in the aftermath of a Hurricane, they only dunk on themselves for anyone who’s mildly paying attention.
Consider where the Communist Wiley Coyotes have currently maneuvered themselves over the last several years: When Hillary removed the political version of Pete Seeger and hero, Bernie Sanders, from contention, their corruption ushered in the single most popular President since George Washington. Ouch!
This in turn led to an unmitigated rout of the Deep State, Energy Independence, an expansion of the middle class, a reduction of the Administrative State and a Conservative Supreme Court, among many other things.
Winning! (h/t Charlie Sheen)
Further, the election of their sworn enemy and the results he produced also led to a massive awakening of the population to their evil at the least opportune moment possible: the Information Age, and this awakening has been accompanied with the awakened citizenry taking up the gauntlet that DJT provided and has taken the fight (decisively) to the enemy. Talk about bad luck!
Which brings us to present day. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Free Florida was hit by the powerful and devastating, Hurricane Ian, recently and our 5th Column dutifully lined up to hurl accusations of incompetence at America’s Governor, Ron DeSantis. But of course we all knew they would do that, so that’s not the story here. What the real story is, is how their own corruption boomerangs on the Communists and only serves to weaken their own cause.
So again, the Communists’ corruption is ultimately leading to their own destruction, just as it did in 2016. They have colluded and selected ‘Joe Biden’ to be their patsy so they may wield power behind the throne to enslave the world. But in their desire for total control, they never considered that putting forward a dementia patient only emphasizes through contrast the absolute competence of the governors of Texas and Florida. This inescapable comparison only FAVORS federalism and the primacy of the State over the Federal.
By their corruption, they have made the argument implicitly that LOCAL government is superior to CENTRAL government. Like I said, if they weren’t so dangerous, these fools would be hilarious.
And now we’re back to the Wiley E. Coyote boomerang effect. In their desire to centralize power into a King-President, they have inadvertently made the argument for smaller government and a State-centric focus. These fools believed that in order to create centralized power, they needed to install an actual dementia patient. Fools leading fools.
All I can say now, as they make the slow realization that they have utterly destroyed their movement once and for all is, “meep meep.”
R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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It’s Time to Recognize the Elite’s Excellent Leadership

It’s time we recognize and accept who is really in charge. It’s about time we get on board with the current ‘leadership’ and I can’t think of a better time than NOW to do it.
Our betters have demonstrated through their actions that they know what’s best, they have identified which laws are ‘must follow’ laws and which laws are optional. Too long has their example been ignored by we, the great unwashed.And kudos to Governors Abbot and DeSantis for also accepting the Communists’ proper leadership and example.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, Governor Abbot took his cue from President Brandon and began shipping illegals present within Texas’ borders into the interior of the country; an act that was exactly what the Brandon regime had been doing for months if not his entire ‘presidency.’
I applaud Governor Abbot in recognizing the wisdom of simply accepting that the unlawful entry into the country should not only be ignored, but facilitated and expanded with free plane tickets to every corner of our fruited plains. By Governor Abbott’s actions, now we truly are ‘all in this together.’

Not to be outdone in seeking the favor of President Brandon, America’s Governor, Governor DeSantis followed suit and similarly began shipping sanctuary seekers directly to self – declared sanctuary cities of NYC and Martha’s Vineyard. It seems that Governors Abbot and DeSantis have decided to take the Goose/Gander theory and put it into action.Surely, now, boons and laurels from the Capitol must begin to shower upon our once recalcitrant governors!

Now, the Hidey/Hoe administration should be ecstatic that two of the most conservative (and popular) leaders in the country have gotten onboard the Communist Reset Train by employing the exact same resettlement plan that was instituted at the federal level.But I wonder, have we missed previous opportunities? Have we misinterpreted brave leadership by the Communists within our country for simple rank hypocrisy?Consider just a few short years ago when Speaker Pelosi demonstrated her brave leadership when, by her actions, she summarily declared the pandemic over and all masking and business closures were hereby cancelled and rescinded.What? You don’t remember that? If you don’t remember, that’s understandable since it was inexplicably buried by the fringe media (NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC). So, let me remind you of what happened.Two years ago, almost to the day on September 7, 2020, after our beneficent ‘leaders’ (and certainly not per se criminals, at all) decided to halt the engine of the world, Nancy Pelosi decided that this was not necessary at all! 
In order to rescind this lockdown, she made a ‘public’ and brave demonstration of the safety of walking around maskless and ignoring her own proclamations by making a special hair appointment with a salon that was shuttered by the knee-jerk (but now, I see, fully reasonable) mandates to close down. This decision was bravery in action and I was humbled and proud in that moment to be an American. Hero, thy name is Nancy.
But! Our conservative leaders failed us in that moment!
Instead of following Pelosi’s lead, instead of following her brave leadership by opening all businesses, conservative leaders across the nation were ‘stuck on stupid’ (h/t General Schwarzkopf) and continued as if the Speaker had NOT just declared the mandates unnecessary!WOE to the masses suffering under such blind conservative leadership!

All caught up? Great.

Recently, the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis decided to help Sanctuary Cities ‘live their truth’ by transporting approximately 50 ‘sanctuary seekers’ directly to Martha’s Vineyard and the personal homes of the Federal Empire’s royal courtiers.But it now appears that perhaps Governor DeSantis may have mis-stepped or misinterpreted the intent of our betters. Instead of the self-declared Sanctuary City of Martha’s Vineyard welcoming these huddled masses yearning for a free Obama phone, the city ‘deported’ these pawns in the space of 48 hours.

(I’m still struggling with understanding when the term of art changes from ‘transported’ and ‘evicted’ to ‘trafficked’)

And, coincidence of coincidences, it appears that the residents of Martha’s Vineyard took their cue from another Democrat, President Roosevelt, when they ripped these people from the welcoming bosom or their tiny island and moved these undocumented workers (or as one Martha’s Vineyard resident put it, “garbage”) under military escort to an internment camp on a military base on Cape Cod. No word yet if American citizens of Japanese descent were also present. So, yet again, we have been provided not only permission to forcibly remove people inside the country, but we also have an example to follow, provided to us by those brave Americans on Martha’s Vineyard.Governors Abbot, DeSantis and other leaders now have direct and implicit permission to leverage military force to protect our borders, and we have the Brandon regime and its sycophants to thank for this glorious example. Who knew there was such an America First sentiment in the deepest Blue enclaves of our country?Will the conservative Governors of our great nation now take Massachusetts’ example to heart and do what the Martha’s Vintners have already determined MUST be done? The American Revolution was born in Massachusetts and it appears history is repeating itself. The Martha’s Vintners are leading the way on not only the importance of legal immigration but also how to deal with illegal immigration.If anyone reading this essay has the opportunity, I call on you to present this piece to our leaders as evidence that
We the People DEMAND that they follow the example of the fine people of Massachusetts and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Let’s Go Brandon! 

R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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